Accidental activation of 60 Day Evaluation of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Self-supported (32 Cores)

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I have accidentally activated 60 Day Evaluation of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Self-supported (32 Cores) and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Broker/Master Infrastructure.

I would like to ask you if it's free of charge or paid? In case of paid service I would like to have it deleted.

Thank you for your help.

Jaroslav Majera


Hi Jaroslav,

An evaluation is generally something like a free product trial and hence you don't have to pay for it, it's free of charge. :)
After the evaluation period has expired, you can decide if you want to purchase the product in order to continue using it.


Thank you very much for quick response.

Hi Jaroslav,

What I've told you is valid for the Red Hat OpenShift product of course. :)
If you use 3rd party cloud services you have to check for cost rates there.


Hello Christian,

I have only accidentally clicked on a download button for this evaluation and don't use any 3rd party service. I am glad it's free and I don't have to worry about any pricing.

Regards, Jaroslav

Okay Jaroslav,

Then enjoy the evaluation of Red Hat OCP ! :)


If this is happening with OCP, then understood. However, I am facing the same issue with OKD 4.5! As OKD is open source (using Fedora CoreOS), why I am getting this 60 day trial is very strange! Can someone help please?

Quick question: 32 Cores is the overall count of the cores in cluster? So, if I want to deploy on a single host with 32 cores, I can't build a cluster since no cores are left over, right? There is no chance to use 3 servers for building a cluster with each of the servers having 32 cores? Is that deployment out of scope for the developer subscription? I'm only thinking about the master nodes right now, additional worker nodes are not considered here. After I have spent a long time with information gathering and some considerations about sizing and the underlying platform, my subscription is expiring soon without me having deployed anything. Damn!

By the way: Red Hat is great! It doesn't happen very often that I'm fascinated about a piece of software. The learning curve was enjoyable and the amount of information I got via different channels was very detailed. Great work!

how to end this 60 days subscription