RHEL 8.1 Final released

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RHEL 8.1 Final has just been released ! Users who are already running RHEL 8.0 can upgrade now.
Users who are still running RHEL 7 may want to consider migrating and perform a fresh installation.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 Press Release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 Release Notes


I did this today on my main box, worked fine on a normal dnf update Another seamless update done over lunch. Top work

I agree Tom, one of the smoothest upgrades so far ... the same is valid for Fedora, upgrading to 31 worked
without any noticeable problems. Red Hat just rocks ! And the new habit ... They deliver in time ! Great ! :)


Hi Christian.

Great information share.

A little issue I found, the repositories are not available for Satellite servers.

So I am able to enjoy the benefits of 8.1

Any Satellite admin who has seen the new repositories already?


Jan Gerrit


My Satellite has synced all of new packages in the RHEL 8 repositories as of about an hour ago - but I do not use the "dot-release" repositories (8.0, 8.1) - I only use the un-versioned "8" repos (same with RHEL 7 - we use the "7Server" release repos, not "7.6 Server", "7.7 Server", etc.).

Have you refreshed your subscription Manifest on the Satellite? I think that is a requirement for 'seeing' new repositories.


Hi Jan Gerrit,

Please bare in mind that the information I provided is very, very fresh news. I discovered the fact that RHEL 8.1
is GA when I ran sudo dnf upgrade on my RHEL 8.0 server - I assume that the bits will be available for Satellite
soon as well. :)



Will check if I am able to update a RHEL 8 guest.


Jan Gerrit

Christian, JGK,

8.1 is available via the satellite I use to pull down patches.



Thanks for the information, RJ ! :)

Christian, Jim, and RJ,

I found there where some issues with the 2 Satellites I manage, after the fixes the 8.1 content downloaded and I running an update on the RHEL 8 instances to update from 8.0 to 8.1.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Glad you could get it done, Jan Gerrit ! :)

Hi, just to report an issue with RHOSP15 undercloud deployment that we found today in our LAB after RHEL8.1 upgrade. Undercloud deployment (director) aborts at some point with a podman error: "run failed after [conmon:e]: No such log driver json-file" podman release in RHEL8.1 is podman-1.4.2-stable2

This problem(or similar) seems to be known and is already reported as Red Hat Bugzilla – Bug 1754416.

from this bug report it seems the issue is resolved in newer versions of podman (1.4.3 and higher). So I am searching for an updated podman RPM or container-tools module

Regards, Roel

I have reported this as a case with RedHat support, and it seems to be a known issue (as mentioned before) RedHAT is working on a fix and will provide it very soon in CDN, will post it here when the fix is published.

This podman issue is now documented under https://access.redhat.com/solutions/4553331