Improving the RHEL 7 Additional Fencing Configuration Options

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It would be less confusing to me if more information was provided about the "pcmk_delay_base" in it's description as to when this can and can't be used as you can't use this on an fence_ipmilan. For that you have to use the plain "delay" option as listed in it's device specific fencing options.)

If there is a device where both a "pcmk_delay_base" and a "delay Field can be set, It would also be less confusing, if you were to describe why you would want to use the "pcmk_delay_base" instead of the plain "delay" option as shown in the "High Availability Reference chapter 5.3" (URL below.) Also if they overlap you could explain what happens if both are defined.

Also for the "pcmk_delay_max" the version 7 documentation it would be nice if it took a few notes from the version 8 documentation. In version 8 they explicitly talk about what happens when you have a "pcmk_delay_base" set

It would also be nice if you would either expand the "delay" wording to say it is a static delay, or expanded the "pcmk_delay_max" to be more explicit than using a the workds "a static delay", and instead use the names of the exact attributes that are static delays. (Probably at least "delay" or "pcmk_delay_base."

RHEL 8 Chapter 89. "Configuring fencing in a Red Hat High Availability cluster"

RHEL 7 "High Availability Reference chapter" 5.3 Displaying Device-Specific Fencing Options

Thank you for considering these comments to your documentation while the comment system is down for the RHEl 7 High Availability Reference Cahpter 5.3.