JBoss EAP support on Docker Swarm

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I've read multiple Red Hat support articles about running Red Hat products in containers, and I'm not clear about what is or isn't supported, and I'm hoping someone can help me understand.

My situation is as follows:
- I will take the Red Hat provided JBoss EAP image, and add in my configuration and webapps (i.e. extending / building upon the image).
- I will then ship that image to my customers
- They will run it on Docker Swarm.
- Docker Swarm will be running on either RHEL or CentOS.

- If the customer buys a Jboss EAP support package, will their instance of JBoss be supported in this scenario? Is it affected by the choice of REHL or CentOS as the underlying OS? (I'm talking specifically about JBoss here, I'm not talking about support for the underlying OS or docker itself)
- For an organisation that is not a Red Hat partner, is it permitted to extend Red Hat containers and distribute them?
- I can only see 'OpenShift' branded JBoss containers in the Red Hat container registry, are those intended for use outside of OpenShift, or are there things in them that will only work with OpenShift?