(Red Hat says channel to be released May 16th) rhel 8.0, Resolution=ansible repository was delayed.

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Update This issue is now resolved. See Christian Labisch's comments. In short, the Ansible repository was delayed to be available after the GA of RHEL 8. .

I've got a fresh load of RHEL 8.0 (not beta). I registered the system with Red Hat, properly attached the entitlement (developer's suite).

I was wanting to install ansible (not tower) and used the usual subscription-manager commands and tried these:

subscription-manager repos --enable ansible-2.8-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms
subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-8-for-x86_64-supplementary-rpms

Yet neither of these provided the rpm ansible for rhel 8.

I did an rpm search as well, and easily found the rhel7 anisble rpm, but not the rhel8 ansible rpm.

Has anyone crossed this bridge and know what repository for rhel 8.0 (not beta) to attach to a system to have ansible available?




Ok, I found that he repo I attached currently has zero rpms assigned using yum repolist

I'll put in a case with Red Hat regarding that specific repository.


Did you use rhel-8-server-ansible-versionumber-rpms?

You can always install Ansible with Python pip.

Yes, but that isn't covered by support. If it's just a matter of getting any sort of ansible executable on the system it could be compiled from source as well.

Hi Christiaan,

As I mentioned in the original post, I used the repo named "ansible-2.8-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms" however it had zero rpms. I'll give it a few days to see if the repo gets populated.



p.s. I want to avoid the non-red hat ansible methods. (but thanks Jeff). I know Red Hat will eventually make ansible available for RHEL 8, since it is so central to it now.

ansible-2.8-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms is what my Satellite 6.4.3 reports.

I wiil start a repo sync and see how many rpms show up.

Empty repository.

Thanks for trying it ir. Jan Gerrit Kootstra. I got the same results yet again last night.


Hi RJ,

I've just tested it and can confirm what you discovered ... :(

$ sudo virsh start rhel-8-server
Domain rhel-8-server started

$ ssh cl@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

$ sudo subscription-manager repos --enable ansible-2.8-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms
Repository 'ansible-2.8-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms' is enabled for this system.

$ sudo dnf list ansible*
Updating Subscription Management repositories.
Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.8 for RHEL 8 x86_64 (RPMs)                                                                                                            235  B/s | 512  B     00:02    
Error: No matching Packages to list  


Hi RJ,

I did some research and I think I now know what's going on ... Ansible 2.8 simply hasn't been released, yet.
The latest version is available as a release candidate on GitHub only as of today (writing this response). :)


Hi RJ,

Another "proof" that my assumption may be correct : Ansible 2.8 Release Schedule
In the document Release Manager Toshio Kuratomi states : 2019-05-16 Release ... :)


On a RHEL 8 GA KVM guest with all non beta, non source and non debug repos activated ansible still does not show up in

yum list available|grep -i ansible

Hi Jan Gerrit, you may want to read my response above ... I assume that's the reason why. :)


I guess you are correct, still why make the repo available before the release?!?

Hi Jan Gerrit,

Eventually Red Hat has prepared everything to make the bits available asap once released ... :)


Nice find Christian... going to check it on the 16th & 17th

You're welcome, RJ ! :)

Why bother even publishing an empty channel? This seems confusing and unnecessary, especially if EPEL manages to publish an RPM for ansible on RHEL 8 first now that RHEL 8 is officially released.

Two of my esteemed Accelerator pals have found this issue is now resolved. Good point Nico, but at least it is now resolved, even if a small debacle existed. (Thanks Christian and ir. Jan Gerrit Kootstra)



You're welcome, RJ ! Always glad to assist you - if possible ... :)


R. J., I'm not sure what your pals found to think this resolved. The channel still looks empty to me.

Hi Nico,

With "resolved" RJ means that the "issue" is not longer an issue. A repository cannot contain something which hasn't been released. Once the stable version of Ansible Engine is released, the rpm will land in the repository.
As Ansible is somewhat an essential part of the RHEL infrastructure - we can expect that this happens asap. :)


Same for me... however, according to Christian, the article he found - it will be available on the 16th. See his link.

Ansible 2.8
- Release Schedule
      -- Expected
- Release Manager
      -- Planned work

Release Schedule - Expected
PRs must be raised well in advance of the dates below to have a chance of being included in this Ansible release.

2019-04-04 Alpha 1 Core freeze No new features to support:core code. Includes no new options to existing Core modules
2019-04-11 Beta 1 Feature freeze No new functionality (including modules/plugins) to any code
2019-04-25 Release Candidate 1
2019-05-02 Release Candidate 2 (if needed)
2019-05-09 Release Candidate 3 (if needed)
2019-05-16 Release

If it doesn't appear, I'll put in a case with RH. Putting in a case prior to the 16th would be futile since that's the announced release of that repository. If it happens to work for some, then that's their bonus.



No need for a case. The 16th is the Community release. Official Red Hat channels will be populated soon.

Thanks for the information, Terry ! :)

Thanks much Terry

Good news, RJ ... Ansible 2.8 is available now ! :)

$ sudo dnf list ansible
Updating Subscription Management repositories.
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:27 ago on Di 21 Mai 2019 19:28:53 CEST.
Available Packages
ansible.noarch          2.8.0-1.el8ae          ansible-2.8-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms