How to restart network in RHEL 8 Beta?

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I could not find network service or scripts in RHEL 8 Beta installed by QCOW2 image.

There is no /etc/init.d/network or systemd network service.

So how to restart network in RHEL 8 Beta?


Hi Oleg,

You could only find 'NetworkManager.service' in RHEL8. There is no ‘network.service’ which used to serve as legacy daemon in earlier version. All network related commands or utilities would utilize the NetworkManager service in the back-end and without which it would not work. As you know the init scripts got nuked out starting from RHEL7 on-wards. However, it is kept for backward compatibility in RHEL7.

I hope this helps.

In addition to this good answer, the NetworkManager.service is designed to have the daemon always running, so don't restart it.

You could use the command nmcli networking off then nmcli networking on. The off disables all NM-managed Connections, and I believe on starts the Connections which are intended to start on a normal boot.

Thanks for the info Jamie.

Thank you Jamie.

You may like this thread as well which is worth reading it

Even I was facing the same problem. It turns out the legacy network.service is deprecated and may be removed in future RHEL versions but you can still use the legacy behavior as of now.

Restart network Service in RHEL 8

Example: You made a temporary change to your sysctl params which affects the network

You would run:

systemctl restart NetworkManager

Hi Jon,

As I see Red Hat in your profile - I assume that you work for Red Hat. I'm curious to know what is correct ?
Your statement "systemctl restart NetworkManager", or what Jamie (also Red Hat in the profile) posted ?
He says : "... NetworkManager.service is designed to have the daemon always running, so don't restart it."


Hi Jon,

Some time passed by ... didn't you see my question ? Would be kind of you to providing us with an answer.
I was just getting asked about your response by one of my Red Hat Accelerators colleagues. Thank you. :)


I have a case open (re-opened) with this to attempt to get some clarity on this.

Good idea ... thank you, RJ ! :)