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I am using RHEL developers free subscription on 1 machine and Cent OS on the other. My experience has almost been the same. Why I would prefer Dev subscription over Cent OS, Cent OS gives me commercial access too. Yes, there are things like Red hat developer studio and open shift but I can download them on Cent OS and sign in with my Red hat ID. The only difference i do find is Cent OS releases are 1 month after RHEL release and RHEL developer subscription does not provide commercial access, Cent OS does. I can use Cent OS and access customer portal by having RHEL subscription. I get advantage of Customer portal support and also with Cent OS commercial use is allowed. So what is the difference ?


Hi Jatin,

CentOS is not supported by Red Hat. So you are not allowed to open a support case.


Jan Gerrit

So as a game developer, what I use for desktop is currently Fedora, On server i use that mostly for multimedia storage and my projects storage, all the repository connections are on my servers. But red hat developers programme according to the license dont give me rights to use that commercially. So should I go with CentOS ? I dont need support case as I am currently not as big developer yet. Or should I go with red hat developers programme... The main thing is RHEL developers prog.. i want to ask is what kind of commercialising it restricts ??

Hi Jatin,

I think things are quite clear : You are not allowed to use the free no-cost developer edition for anything else than development purposes. If you are willing to follow these rules and want to be on the safe side legal wise : use CentOS as production system. :)


OK, so i have to wait 1 month more after 8.0 release... but thanks for help :)

You're welcome, Jatin ! :)

I wanted to make a short note that, unlike minor releases, major releases will likely take longer than a month.

no it takes around 1 month for every release red hat 7.0 and cent os 7.0 just had 23 days time gap i can actually spend 50 dollars on RHEL desktop but that only supports 16 GB of RAM, i have 20 GB (build), so it wont use my system to full potential, and workstation costs alot more i think 4 times more. So i only have Cent OS as an option for production machine.

There is one new thing to consider with CentOS 8.0. CentOS now builds for at least 7 arches (x86_64, i386, armhfp, aarch64, power9, ppc64le and ppc64). It will inevitably take longer than 7.0. But hopefully not much longer. Just a thought ...

RHEL 8.0 was released 3 weeks ago. You can follow the progress of CentOS-8 build in two places:

CentOS 8 Rough Status Page

Build System Info

Turns out they work on 4 arches (x86_64, aarch64, ppc64le and armhfp).

Another place to follow the progress of CentOS-8 build is CentOS Blog. The latest article is CentOS 8 Status 17-June-2019.

Hi Jatin,

You do not get commercial support with the combo of Developer subscription for development and CentOS for Production.

Only community support in both cases.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra