Transaction check error: file /boot/efi/EFI/redhat from install of fwupdate-efi-12-5.el7.x86_64 conflicts with file from package grub2-common-1:2.02-0.65.el7_4.2.noarch Error Summary -------------

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Good day all,
I got this error message while updating my systems .
Can someone help me please?



Hi Cyprian,

I see this has been reported in some bugzilla page, and there are suggestions to remove 'fwupdate-efi' package to resolve, not sure how is this would impact your system. Otherwise you may exclude this package from updates if the system is not UEFI based one.

I guess you better log a case with Red Hat Support Team for a complete analysis and help. That should be a good option now.

Yes Sadashiva ... removing the fwupdate-efi package should be the appropriate solution and safe.
On fedora 29 workstation it gets automatically removed when executing sudo dnf autoremove. :)


Thank you Christian!

kind Regards Cyprian

You're welcome, Cyprian ! :)

Thank you Sadashiva!

Kind Regards.

I am getting the exact same message (thank you Google for finding this thread!). My problem is that fwupdate-efi is not installed, but it is getting a conflict when I am doing a security update ("yum update --security"), and it is trying to install fwupdate-efi as a dependent library for an installed package that is getting updated. Not sure what package that may be, but by process of elimination it is related to the GNOME desktop install. After removing the GNOME desktop with ' yum groupremove "Server with GUI" ', the security update finished successfully. So it appears the install group "Server with GUI" requires fwupdate-efi, which conflicts with the grub2-common package. This dependency was added recently.

Thanks Dan.

Regards Cyprian

This issue will occur if the machine is updated first (reboot if required) followed by the installation you were performing prior to encountering this issue. The machine (regular OS) update is key in this.

Thanks Kasra

In my case, I was installing the GUI (Yum groupinstall "Server with GUI") and by running a "yum update" after the failure then re-run the groupinstall, it was able to complete without issues; no I have a GUI in Redhat 7.6.

I had the same error. I didn't want to do a "yum upgrade", though I did do a yum upgrade grub2 firewalld and that fixed it.

Kudos to Doron for providing the most elegant solution. I had the same problem and his suggestion fixed it all. I first did "yum upgrade grub2 firewalld" and after the finish of this, ran yum update --security again and it all went fine. Thanks again @Doron

Hi i tried this but did not work.

Earlier, Sadashiva Murthy cited the bugzilla for Fedora. This is the red hat edition of the bugzilla



I dont want to install GUI.

Dependencies Resolved


Package Arch Version Repository Size

Updating: firewalld noarch 0.6.3-8.el7_8.1 rhel-7-server-rpms 443 k grub2 x86_64 1:2.02-0.81.el7 rhel-7-server-rpms 31 k Updating for dependencies: firewalld-filesystem noarch 0.6.3-8.el7_8.1 rhel-7-server-rpms 51 k grub2-efi-x64 x86_64 1:2.02-0.81.el7 rhel-7-server-rpms 1.1 M grub2-pc x86_64 1:2.02-0.81.el7 rhel-7-server-rpms 31 k grub2-pc-modules noarch 1:2.02-0.81.el7 rhel-7-server-rpms 847 k grub2-tools x86_64 1:2.02-0.81.el7 rhel-7-server-rpms 1.8 M grub2-tools-extra x86_64 1:2.02-0.81.el7 rhel-7-server-rpms 996 k grub2-tools-minimal x86_64 1:2.02-0.81.el7 rhel-7-server-rpms 172 k python-firewall noarch 0.6.3-8.el7_8.1 rhel-7-server-rpms 355 k

Transaction Summary

Upgrade 2 Packages (+8 Dependent packages)

Total size: 5.7 M Is this ok [y/d/N]: y Downloading packages: Running transaction check Running transaction test

Transaction check error: file /boot/efi/EFI/redhat from install of grub2-efi-x64-1:2.02-0.81.el7.x86_64 conflicts with file from package grub2-common-1:2.02-0.65.el7_4.2.noarch