Manage Multiple JBOSS Instances + Configuration

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We have multiple instances of JBOSS EAP 6.4 running across our Development / Test / Production and DR servers, the majority of which are for one application/system.

Does anyone know of any tools that would allow me to easily do the following:
- Manage the Stop/Start of each instance (we have our own file)
- Compare / Update all the configurations (standalone.xml)

Thanks :)


Hi Hiren,

This sounds like something that would be ideal for some Ansible automation. I do similar things with my internal testing instances.

Thanks for your reply Lucas. I have to say, I'm surprised the first reply wasn't one that suggested JBoss ON.

Based on what I've read about JON, it is designed to do what I'm after so I'm more interested in finding out about your reasons for using/suggesting Ansible.

I don't know anything about Ansible so that's one to add to the bed time reading list.

Hi Hiren,

JON can be a solution, but if you want something that can easily span across Development / Test / Production and DR servers (I assume they are well-separated networks) and just do simple tasks like you describe (starting/stopping servers, comparing configs), then Ansible could be easier and more lightweight, because all it needs is SSH access to the host OS.

It's also worth pointing out that JON is not in active development, and is currently in the maintenance support phase, which is due to end a year from now.

Thanks! I think it's a no brainer then lol :-)