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We have just recently purchased new subs for our environment and during the process we were told from our rep that a Satellite specific sub is no longer required. I found this odd and reached out to RH on the phone and they had confirmed this. They said that Satellite is now part of the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server with Smart Management".

If I understand correctly, I can install Satellite 6 on anything with a RHEL sub? And if a Satellite server is virtual, would that not be covered via the VDC sub? I cannot find any document that explains this or confirms on paper (web) about the subscription change.

Also the documentation for the install will now have to be updated:
3.2. Identifying and Attaching the Satellite Subscription to the Host

Please explain.


So there are a couple things here ...

If you are running a Satellite server, the Satellite Entitlement (subscription) includes the RHEL server license for the Satellite server application to be installed on (virtual or physical).

The RHEL with Smart Management is a subscription that has the RHEL Server license/entitlement bundled with the Smart Management license/entitlement. Those items could be purchased separately, but based on your description, you purchased the bundled RHEL license which has the Smart Management.

The Smart Management license/entitlement/subscription (whichever term you choose to use) is needed for the system to properly subscribe to and consume the services provided by Satellite.

The VDC sub is an entirely different license, and you will need to most likely have the "virt-who" service setup and configured to make use of the licenses on your virtual hosts. Each hypervisor will need to be configured with "virt-who".

Bottom line ....

Satellite is a separate management product. It must be licensed and purchased in order to make use of it.

A Smart Management entitlement can be thought of as a "client license" for each machine to register to satellite and be managed by Satellite. This can be purchased on top of RHEL, bundled with RHEL as RHEL w/ Smart Management, or part of the VDC RHEL + Smart Virt bundles.

Hope this helps

Hi Gary,

We also have recently renewed our Satellite environment and yes its all changed, back in the good old days you needed a separate Satellite subscription which included the base RHEL subscription allowing either one physical or virtual host and a smart management subscription for each physical host and a smart management subscription for upto 2x virtual guests.

Now you still need the correct amount of smart management subscription as before, which have increased in price, but these now include the right to use Satellite server (whether physical or virtual) which should give you the new subscription "Red Hat Satellite Infrastructure " to apply to your Satellite server (this does still include the base RHEL subscription) with the added bonus of InSight.

Kind Regards Jonathan

Thanks. I will have to figure out what I have available as I do not believe we purchased additional (standalone) RHEL sub to cover a Satellite server. Is there any documentation that explains the new subscription model that you know of online?

Hi Gary, We thought the same, but its included with the new "Red Hat Satellite Infrastructure" subscription that you should get for free.

Product ID (SKU) MCT3718
Support Level Premium

ia64, ppc, ppc64, ppc64le, s390, s390x, x86, x86_64
Sockets: 128

Products Provided
Red Hat Satellite 5 Managed DB
Red Hat Ansible Engine
Red Hat Satellite
Red Hat Satellite Proxy
Red Hat Software Collections Beta (for RHEL Server)
Red Hat Software Collections (for RHEL Server)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Red Hat Satellite Capsule
Red Hat Satellite with Embedded Oracle
Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability (for RHEL Server)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Load Balancer (for RHEL Server)
Red Hat Beta

Awesome thank you!

Gary, please check out Let me knoew if you have any additional questions.

Thank you for this, Bryan. Very helpful.

Hi, I'm relatively new to confusing world of RH licensing. Since MCT3718 contains "Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86_64" am I right in thinking I can use any number of the 50 licenses for a regular server install without satellite on it?

[Disclaimer: not a Red Hat employee, contact your sales rep. for details, etc.]

No. The purpose of the "Red Hat Satellite Infrastructure" license is to run as many Satellite servers (or Capsules) as you might need to support the rest of you (paid for) RHEL systems, but it is only for the Satellite/Capsule application, not other uses.

The above is correct.

how do you clearly identify all the physical subscriptions you are using?

@joe Satellite can help you identify what machines are using what subscriptions. newer versions of Satellite support Simple Content Access (SCA) which allow you to consume content without tracking Subscriptions.

Hi Bryan,

What is the cost of SCA? Thanks,


Margarida Brito,

see this link Simple Content Access is something that you enable at the Red Hat Customer Portal when you establish the manifest for your Red Hat Satellite server. To my knowledge, there's no additional cost if you already have access to Red Hat Satellite.


Can anybody please tell me what comes with this subscription "RHEL BPA MCT0369F3RN Renewal - Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server, 3 Year" as this is still available for purchasing?


@Dieu, this is a capsule server subscription. If you renew any RHEL subscription with Smart Management you will get access to the Satellite and Capsule Content. This will allow you to manage your RHEL with Smart Management machines with Satellite and not need to renew that SKU.

Do I have to decommission my current Satellite server? it currently consumed a RHEL with Smart Management subscription.

Nope, you can continue to use it. You will get new subs when you renew your RHEL with Smart Management and you can align those to your Satellite.

Thank you very much; that clear up my confusion.

Hello, i don't understand what i need to do now. We have to renew our Satellite Subscription, too. I get a Smart Management Subscription now. But if I add the Smart Management Subscription to the Satellite, i get the message, that the RHEL Satellite is still not under a valid subscription. Do i need to buy a other subscription or something else ? We have only a stand alone RHEL Satellite 6.7 Thank you

Hi, you'll receive a new subscription called "Red Hat Satellite Infrastructure Subscription" which you then apply to your Satellite server whether physical or virtual. This should be automatic when you purchase a Smart Management Subscription (but can take a few days to arrive in your portal) Cheers

HI, yes that was it. Thank you

Hi Gary,

I guess a more suitable Title: Satellite subscription bundled with Smart Management for RHEL, instead of a standalone subscription


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