Clarification : Docker versions (redhat vs Docker)

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Could you please clarify the below questions related to docker versions.

1) As per docker site, the latest version of commercially supported docker version is 1.13.1-cs9 and EE version is 17.03

2) In the Redhat portal, the docker-latest version available is 1.13.1-53.git774336d

Could you please let me know how to map the redhat repository docker version and the docker's own version so that we know how many releases we are behind. It would help us to plan accordingly as few of
the features are available in the latest releases of docker.



I would suggest that the reason you haven't received a response to this question is that it is a more difficult question to answer than it first appears.

The Red Hat version will include backports, and it also includes downstream patches (local repository support comes to mind). You really need to ask your question with the requirements that you have, and it can then be determined if the Red Hat docker version will support those requirements (as you will then receive Red Hat support).

I have run into this exact problem when Docker started branding their EE distribution/version. To make matters more complex, there are other vendors that downstream the EE product alongside the RHEL re-distribution.

Is there a specific feature you are after?

What docker-compose file format is compatible with RHEL Docker 1.13.1?