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How do I see all the discussions I've created and the posts I've created?
Thank you,


If you click on your username you will be presented with a list:

OK, that shows discussions I've responded to, but doesn't show all the discussions I've created. For example, this discussion isn't listed even though I started it. Of course, now that I'm replying, it'll show up. I do have another discussion I started under the virtualization section, and that one isn't listed.

The virtualization title is "RHEL 5.8 and RHEV 4.1" and would be a recent post. Thank you,

That appears on the list on your profile page for me. Does it not appear for you?

When I look at my profile, all I see are posts I've responded to, not posts I've created. There are four entries. Two of those entries are for the same post. I know there are two other posts I created but since I haven't commented on those posts since they were created they don't show up in my activity list.

I tested this by creating a new post at and I discovered to find the posts I created (such as that one), I click on my own userid link, then go to the link named "notifications" and then click on the link named "pages/threads", and I could see it there. Optimal? probably not, however there is a means to view it.

O, that's awesome! I've been looking that for a while now...just never tried checking notifications. Thank you,

Thanks for the feedback, all. Looks like we may have a bug wrt the Discussions you create not showing in the content stream. I'll address that with the team. While you're all engaged here, I'd love to hear about other features or changes you might want to the Discussions platform to make it more useful for you.

I'd like to see the online training (Red Hat Online Learning) helpdesk moved out of this forum. The constant requests/complaints about the online training really dilutes the quality of content in this forum. I was under the impression that this content was only placed in the forum as a stop gap until something more formal was developed?

If this content is to remain in this forum, can it be filtered from 'All discussions' and also filtered from search results?

Would it also be possible to investigate the Ajax error that has existed for 12+ months. When attempting to respond to a post immediately after login, users are prompted with the following Ajax error:

An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 500
Debugging information follows.
Path: /system/ajax
StatusText: Internal Server Error

Bringing back the star rating / rating for answers would also be welcomed. There are a lot of posts that should be promoted for their quality/detail, and others that really need to be voted down to avoid wasting people's time in search results.

Honestly, I'd prefer this forum to be based on the StackOverflow engine. That would be a game changer.

Hi James,

Please contact David Powles, I've already sent him some (hopefully useful) suggestions in September 2017.


Ugh... Can't even reply in-thread at the moment. First, was getting AJAX errors when clicking on the reply-link for Pixel's post. Then, got it when I went to reply out of thread (and lost my content). When I hit , I got the "portal unavailable" message ...which I've been getting more and more frequently - both during what you'd consider to be typical maintenance hours as well as here-and-there during CONUS core business hours. Maddening.

Seriously, I had got the Ajax error five more times in attempting to make this post. Only reason I stuck with it is because I'm stubborn as a mule. Unless my experience is singular, though, I gotta think it adversely impacts the likelihood of (continued) participation.

So, maybe my request for improvement would be software debugging and/or allocation of more compute resources to running the site?

Thomas and PixelDrift.NET, thank you. We just became aware of the Ajax 500/503 issue and the team is investigating. We are focused on uptime/stability and have extensive synthetic monitoring across the Customer Portal, as well as a status page to display component operational statuses. The purpose of these assets is to alert our teams quickly, alert our customers quickly, and keep us accountable.

OpenShift on the back end? Need to spin up more containers! =)

But, seriously, the site has gotten noticeably slower (for me) over the past few months - even absent the Ajax errors and the sporadic "portal maintenance" splash-pages. Something definitely wants some goosing.

Interesting you mention this, the SSO 'dance' when logging in is painfully slow where I am.

Hi James,

The Customer Portal Status page doesn't seem to be in sync correctly.
Whenever I experience an issue here, it says : All Systems Operational.


the Ajax error is plaguing me, (and if you're wondering why I'm crazy, that's why)

Performance is absolutely terrible at the moment, Chrome profiler shows 10.34s to load this page. 9:13 am Tuesday, 27 February 2018 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

I am getting constant Ajax errors too, and these have 'StatusText: error' unlike the 'StatusText: Internal Server Error' I posted above.

An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 503 Debugging information follows. Path: /system/ajax StatusText: error ResponseText: Service Unavailable Service Unavailable - Zero size object The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later. Reference

I had to stop using Chrome when trying to use Red Hat's site - particularly the forums. Chrome is pretty much useless with the discussion forums (errors out nearly 100% of the time, now, with the Ajax errors). At least with Firefox, I only (yet) get errors some of the time.

As PixelDrift said, I to get the "SSO 'dance'" too on occasion. I had Chrome misbehave with the Ajax bit, but them Firefox began getting the Ajax error too. Then I'd have both chrome/firefox open, and if I couldn't post in one, I'd try the other. It was a dice roll.

Thanks for the ongoing feedback here folks, and for your patience. We're definitely looking at both the Ajax errors and the issue with posts not showing up in the activity feed. Should have some updates for you shortly.

Quick update - This is being addressed in the next site update. Shouldn't be long.

Edit.. figured out the issue!

Edit 2.. nope.. i've decided the only solution is for the community forum to support Markdown!