What happened to Software Channels in Satellite 6?

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Is there any builtin feature to apply a package baseline to a group of hosts?

In Satellite 5 we had the Software Channels which were useful when you wanted to bring new and existing hosts to a desired RPM baseline.
This feature has not been kept in Satellite 6.

The closest feature I've found is the bulk actions under Host Collection, but that's a one-off momentary action and not a desired state / declarative measure.

I suspect that the real answer is "puppet" but that leaves a pretty huge gap in the out-of-box product, and a lot of (imo) unnecessary wheel reinventing as every org migrating to satellite 6 have to figure this out on their own.

Is there a common, well-documented practice or did this particular ball simply fly past as everyone wanted to work on containers?


Hello, please see the Transitioning Custom and Cloned Channels to Content Views section of the Red Hat Satellite 6 Transition Guide.