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Hi All,

We are currently evaluating different VDI options for our education sector customers.

As per my understanding this can be achieved by using either Red Hat Virtualization or Red Hat Open Stack Platform.

Please can someone guide me and share experiences on best path to achieve VDI solution using Red Hat products.




What solution did you wind up going with? Did you wind up using the Red Hat offerings, and if so what combination did you settle on?


Chris C.

Hi, I'm the CEO of Leostream and we provide a provisioning and connection management platform for VDI workloads on both Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat OpenStack. We've noticed that our customer's choice of hosting platform often depends on the workloads they need to run (for example, do you need GPU-enabled desktops) and their familiarity with the different platforms (OpenStack has a higher learning curve than Red Hat Virtualization.)

Over the last year or so, we've seen an increased interest in running VDI workloads on OpenStack, mostly in organizations that already have an OpenStack deployment and want to move additional workloads to that platform.

With the new support for NVIDIA vGPU in Red Hat Virtualization, we've started to see an uptick in interest in running VDI on RHV in organizations that run graphics-intense applications.

The problem with both platforms is that they don't provide particularly comprehensive management for user assignments and connections to the VDI instances you host in those platforms. That's where Leostream comes in. I'm happy to discuss further, if you have questions.


Hi Karen, I am a freelance consultant and currently in a process of pitching private cloud solution to a client. I would like to know how Leostream can help providing VDI solution on RHCI. Around 600+ guest vms in 6 different remote location all connected to a central branch.


Hi, Mohammed,

Thanks for reaching out. Our VDI solution does have support for Red Hat. If you send Bob Ewanouski ( a note, he can walk you through the details of what we provide.

Thanks, Karen

Hello, We already operate a Red Hat Virtualization platform and we plan to launch a VDI, is it mandatory to go through a vendor such as leostream to run VDI on RHV platform or not? Thanks for your help.