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What is the best way to set up a daily live snapshot for all VM, and have the possibility to recover, for example, a specific VM to a specific day?

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Snapshots are great for taking backups, but the snapshot should be discarded once the backup process is complete. You could use the API to do what you are asking, but it would be quite complex. An alternative would be to use 3rd party software to cater for this specific need.


Hi Jason,

Marcus gave you a very good answer.

It is also not lean what type of snapshots you had in mind: LVM-based, storage-based, or some virtualisation based like VMware.

Over many years in IT, I have seen disasters with snapshots all over the place.

Here is what I drill to IT Operations and businesses about reasons why snapshots must not be kept for long time (these were specific to VMware snapshots but lot of items apply elsewhere):

  1. In VMware virtual environments, snapshots are metadata copies of the entire state of the VM. The snapshot doesn't contain much data, mainly creating pointers to the original VM. When the VM state changes, the snapshot grows in size with information on the changed data blocks. The longer a snapshot is around, the bigger it gets, and bigger means slower operations (performance issues).

  2. If left unattended, snapshots can even take whole free space in the volume and make services unusable.

  3. Slow snapshots can also occur when a VM has insufficient resources.

  4. Deleting and/or consolidating snapshots can be time-consuming, depending on its size.

  5. Best practice is to use snapshots in patch/upgrade/backup cycles, not for normal operation.


Dusan Baljevic (amateur radio VK2COT)