Installting Perl 5.20 on RHEL 7.3

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Hello fellows,

I need to install Koha, a library management system, over RHEL 7.3 and Koha requires Perl v5.20.

Is there a way to install a specific version of Perl other that the default one server-wide ?

Thanks !




You will need to use 'Red Hat Software Collections' to support a version of Perl that new. Looking at the Collections release notes, Collections 2.3+ should provide the version of perl you need.

You can get started with documentation to configure it here:

Red Hat Software Collections Documentation

Thanks for the info PixelDrift, I'll look at it.

Do you know how RedHat determine when a new version of a software (Perl in this case) is updated ?

Perl 5.20 is 3 years old :-)

Thanks again !

Red Hat will update major versions and major releases of RHEL. In rare cases they will do a 'rebase' at a minor RHEL release, but this is less likely for core components. This is a feature not a bug of RHEL as it provides a standard platform for enterprises to develop applications against for an extended period of time (one of the primary reasons enterprises pay for Red Hat support).

Red Hat Software Collections were introduced to provide capabilities and development libraries at a different cadence to the core applications as there was a demand for this (primarily from developers it seems), especially in later stages of major releases. The primary difference with RHSC versions is that they have shorter support lifecycles.

Oh, I just realized that RHEL 7 was released in 2014 too, so that explain why it's using Perl 5.16

Software Collections now support both Perl 5.20 and 5.24:

Since community versions tend to update very often, our process/policy for adding new versions is to wait for stable versions that we can support.

You can learn more about Red Hat Software Collections via our developer program at