kernel too old from boot PXE

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I have a PXE boot server in linux and I try to initiate an automatical redhat installation.
the target version is RHEL 6.6 (in RHEL 7.2 work fine)
during the boot, I have this error message : kernel too old

however i used the vmlinuz file from rhel6.6 iso.
I try with a vmlinux version rhel7 but I have a fatal error.
Same error in VM and Physical server.

sorry for my English and thanks for your help


It would have been helpful to say which PXE bootloader you're using. There are several open-source PXE bootloaders available: I know PXELINUX, GRUB2 and iPXE, and there may be others too.

Because we've been recently testing different bootloaders, I happened to have the source codes for those three PXE bootloaders at hand, and those messages look like they might come from GRUB2.

If that's true, then the "kernel too old" message seems to be associated with booting an UEFI system and trying to use the "linuxefi" and "initrdefi" configuration keywords with a kernel that is too old for UEFI handover protocol:

Please try using the "linux" and "initrd" GRUB configuration keywords for the RHEL 6.6 kernel instead.

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Your English is very understandable, but please respond to questions a bit faster.

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