How can I renew my RHEL Developer Suite subscription ?

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I have an active Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite subscription, which will expire in less than 30 days.
In the Customer Portal I get the information in Red Hat Subscription Management that it is Ready for Renewal.

But I cannot find anything (a button to click on) where and how I can do it, on the Take Action tab there is a link :
How to Renew and it leads me to ->

In the FAQ for no-cost RHEL Developer Suite ( I read :
(11. Since this is a subscription, do I have to renew?) Like the fee-based version, this is a 12-month subscription.
(How do I renew?) Renewal is simple and only requires that you agree to the then-current version of the T&Cs.

I know that only users with organization administrator rights can renew subscriptions, I made sure I have them.
Can anyone please tell me how I can renew my subscription before it expires ? Thanks in advance for guidance.


I agree, the "Renew a subscription" option at does not appear to provide a renew option. Contact Customer Service

Thank you Sam, I saw that option ... is this the intended way to go when it comes to the renewal of subscriptions ?
I am asking because the FAQ reads as if it's as easy as clicking a button in the Customer Portal ... or is this a bug ?

Not sure if it's a bug or not. Multiple documentation sources seem to indicate that you can renew from the portal. I've not been able to do it though.

Hi Sam :) I followed your suggestion and contacted the Customer Service. They told me that I can download again the RH Developer Suite subscription for free after the expiration of the current subscription. This means that the subscription will not get renewed, but rather be replaced by a new subscription, if I understood it correctly ... we'll see what happens ... especially if I'll have to detach and re-attach it.

Thanks for the update Christian. Would be good if they updated the RHEL Developer Suite FAQ

Yes Sam, that really would be a good idea. In the meantime I've received the information that I should wait until the subscription expired, then initiate the download of RHEL OS in order to accept the current T&C's and afterwards (as assumed) I indeed have to detach the old subscription and attach the new subscription. Well, clicking a button in the Customer Portal would be much more convenient, especially for those not so experienced users, who unnecessarily might download the complete 4 GB RHEL installation ISO file again. Additionally as a consequence it would reduce - some more or less avoidable - work for the support team.

Update : Last weekend the old subscription expired and I wanted to renew it - and here is how things went.
Well, it was an adventure, to name it as positively as possible - the truth is that it was somewhat a disaster.
In order to prevent possible complications, I didn't boot my RHEL systems on 2017-03-31 (expiration date).

On 2017-04-01 I signed in to the developer portal - but I was not asked to agree to the T&Cs.
So I invoked the download of the RHEL ISO - but again I was not asked to agree to the T&Cs.
In the customer portal I found an entry of a subscription without a contract valid for one day.

After a few hours I logged in to the developer portal again and this time I was asked to agree to the T&Cs.
The web application crashed when I clicked on the button to agree, and hence I had to sign in once again.
Then I checked the situation in the customer portal and I found another 3 subscriptions, valid for 15 days.

I booted the systems and found myself unable to update them because it was not possible to attach a new subscription.
When I booted them on 2017-04-02, one of the subscriptions was attached with the correct validation of 365 days.
The main problem seems to be solved by now and everything is working as expected as of today, 2017-04-03.

This was an extremely inconvenient subscription management experience, I hope that it gets improved a lot soon.
What is left to do is to remove the 3 obsolete and wrongly created contracts and subscriptions from my account.
As I couldn't find an option to do it manually myself, I asked the customer support to remove the items for me.

Mine expired just now, so I had to renew. The process was quite simple, they must have fixed it after the comments above :-) :

1) Tried subscription-manager attach, didn't work

2) Log into developer portal, click download link, forwarded to login page

3) Immediately after login, forwarded to a page to confirm my details and agree.

4) Download starts, but I just cancelled it. Go back to my box, run subscription-manager attach, all good.

Hi Kelvin,

Thank you for your information. Good to know that it seems to be fixed now - and mostly works as expected. The only thing that's different from how it's supposed to be is that you had to attach the subscription manually, it should have been attached automatically.

Cheers :)

Thanks Kelvin! The instructions you provided worked like a charm!

This thread from last year looks to the most helpful set of gyrations for this seemingly ongoing trouble.

A year later, and I'm going through the pain. Anybody have any new insights into how to get subscription manager to properly recognize updated subscriptions? In developer portal, the subscription is plain as day. Subscription manager is having none of it; doesn't see any current subscriptions in My Installed Products, nor see any "Show subscriptions active on 2018-5-18" --today as it were. I'm pretty sure I Agreed to a updated T&Cs because 'lo --I see my 2018-5-18 subscription online.

At present, I'm downloading 7.5 (I am on 7.4) against... well, its something to do. Christian Labisch indicated he went this route ...

Is there somewhere other than Subscription Manager I ought to be doing attaching/detaching subscriptions? The exchange here was pretty clear (some pain), but maybe I'm missing something? Disclosure: my subscription ended March, and I'm just getting around to this. smile


Eric Lecht Boise, ID

PS: Who it the Kelvin in this thread?? The one everyone's thanking?? LOL

Hi Eric,

I recommend to clean up everything and re-register and then re-attach after accepting the current T&C's :

sudo subscription-manager remove --all
sudo subscription-manager unregister
sudo subscription-manager clean

sudo subscription-manager register
sudo subscription-manager refresh
sudo subscription-manager attach --auto

This method has proven to work properly for me ... and Kelvin ? :) Well, I guess he changed his user name. :)


WHAM! That worked.

You da man. Thanks much for taking the time to reply. I hope this helps other too. Socking away the commands for future reference ...

sincerely, and gratefully,

Eric Lecht Boise, ID

That's great news, Eric ! I'm glad that I could help you. :)


I'm still around - new projects don't require RHEL for now so haven't renewed yet... hopefully the instructions still work :-)

Hi Kelvin,

I'm quite sure they will work ... I just renewed my subscription successfully a few weeks ago. :)


From RH's own developer site, its made to sound so easy and intuitive LoL

Hi Eric,

I have received a response from Customer support that they are currently working on an update to the FAQ's. :)


Again, thanks for caring. We all be newbies somewhere .....

You're welcome, Eric ! :)


I having also same Doubt thankyou

Hi Raghavan,

What do you mean with "having some doubt" ? Please explain, eventually we can help you when there's a problem. :)


Hi ! Christian i am also same doubt for this now iam cleared Thankyou

You're welcome Raghavan, good to know that this thread helped you to clear the situation. :)


Welp, another year -- another fiasco.

My subscription seems to have completely disappeared as it's not listed in the account at all any more, even as expired. There doesn't seem to be any mechanism for creating or auto-creating a Developer Subscription on my existing account, and the only way I can tell that it's probably something odd is that this is the anniversary of my "Agreement Date" per

I'm assuming tomorrow (or once the day flips over) I'll have to "re-agree" and have a new Dev subscription automagically added back in to re-attach to?

Hi Japheth,

Yes, you should see the subscription on the next day - after re-agreeing to the T&C's. :)
If you don't see the Developer subscription on the next day, contact Customer Service.


Completely disappeared one day after expiration. No option whatsoever to "re-agree" or anything. Can't find a way to "register" for the Developer Subscription.

Hi Kong,

Please follow the advice I gave Japheth above. :)


The instructions for renewing your Developer subscription are here -

If there are still issues, please let us know here.

Thanks -


Logged into the developer site sucessfully, no subscriptions, no prompt, can't open a support case. Pretty frustrated, licensing doesn't need to be this complicated.

Hi Bryan,

Please contact Red Hat Customer Service and ask them to help you out. :)


This process is pretty simple as described in: but not that simple from experience.

Only condition is: You must wait until your current subscription expires before you can renew it.

And once it is re-registered, the machines need to be re-synced with new subscription rather than updating.

However, I ended up having 2 subscriptions in my account when I renewed due to the agreement being shown up morethan once.

RedHat needs to make sure only one developer subscription is active under an account or allow renewal of existing subscription rather than resubscribing again.