Error setting up base repository (RHEL 7.2), RHEL7.2 Installation Source Error

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Hi, I had downloaded the evaluation subscription RHEL 7.2 Binary DVD ISO from Reh Hat Portal, and tried to install onto my pc but there's an error appear on Installation Source which is "Error setting up base repository". Is anyone here know how to solve the error? Thanks.


Hi Sia.

You may find detailed information about the error on one of the TTYs that Anaconda also uses; press CTRL+ALT+FX to switch from one TTY to another, where X is between 1 and 6.

General debugging instructions are also at Not sure if there's a solution article on the Customer Portal, but this Fedora Project page is applicable to RHEL, too.

Regards, Radek

Is there a URL that one could add?

What kind of URL do you mean?

How about a rhel7 repo base url included in the boot dvd (400MB)?

How do I fix this error "error setting up base repository" I was trying to install RHEL7.4 on virtualbox? Thanks

Is it a problem in windows 10?

How to Fix "Error Setting up Base Repository " ? I am trying to install rhel 7.4 on machine

Bro u got a solution or not?

I am also getting the same error ? How to solve it? can any one tell me ?

Make sure you have not inadvertently tried to use the boot.iso for rhel7 as your installation media; it will generate the error you are reporting because the boot.iso does not contain any of the installation repositories virtualbox will need. Instead you need to download the dvd iso which is approx 3+ GB in size.

You've saved the day!

Thank you, Richard!

I have the EXACT same problem... Brand New MacBookPro ......Mac OS 10.13.1

Sequence I followed.... Downloaded and Installed VirtualBox (no problems)

Downloaded : rhel-server-7.2-x86_64-boot.iso (also tried with newer rhel-server-7.4-x86_64-boot.iso same problem)

I point VirtualBox to the ISO image and it boots fine, starts the install and I get as far as selecting the keyboard....

After selecting keyboard you do not get an option to select the install type... INSTALATION SOURCES - Error setting up base repository

Clicking on Installation Sources...only give you the option of adding a new Repository that is associated to a repository addressed via a URL....(I even tried to use the "file:" option and point it to the ISO file on the files system and that did not work either, not that I really expected it to.)

There is no way to enable the selection of the drop down to answer "Which installation source would you like to use?" Looking in the VM storage you can see rhel-server-7.2-x86_64-boot.iso mounted as an IDE drive

We need a work around in order to accomplish an install, I thought there might be a way to do it via the vmlinuz command that seems to be what is used to launch the install but could not find anything on the web and this is not an area of expertise on my part.

Please help...

I get the same issue. RedHat, please help.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem yet?

The solution has been given above, though perhaps we need to be a bit more clear:

You CANNOT use "rhel-server-7.2-x86_64-boot.iso" for your first RHEL install. The "boot.iso" image requires a access to a network install repository, but RHEL is not a "free" product, so there are no publicly-available repositories for it on the internet. (very different from Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.).

You must download the full 3-4 GB binary dvd .iso file ("rhel-server-7.5-x86_64-dvd.iso" is the current version today - older 7.x releases should still be available though), and use that to install your first system.

Once you have your first Linux system up & running, you can use the full install DVD image again to build your own local network repository, and then use "boot.iso" for subsequent installs (or set up a PXE boot server, or clone a master VM template image, or...)


Thank you!!! You have saved me a week long of frustration. Oh man, thank you thank you thank you!! :)

Still valid in 2021

Why is the baseurl such a top secret. I'm trying to install the rhel-8.0-beta-1-x86_64-boot.iso also. In the INSATLLATION SOURCE i only get the On the network option which needs repository URL.

So I tried the rhel-8.0-beta-1-x86_64-kvm.qcow2 on KVM, it runs fine to the login but I cannot login to it. I assume root but no password can be found.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

Download DVD binary not boot ISO. Binary DVD size is approx 6 GB.

Hi Robert Fulton, refer to James Nauer. i think you might want used this and for create bootable USB i strongly suggest to use Fedora Media Writer. if you plan to install on Bare Metal.

Hope this will help u.

I am also having this issue with installing redhat 7.6 boot.iso on a virtual machine It is saying error setting up base directory and then it ask for a source on your PC or network with giving you the url option to fill in

Please delete all partitions on the usb drive before creating the boot disk. After deleting the partitions use

dd bs=512 if= of=

it must be dvd.iso not boot.iso

This is an old discussion. Please use a current version of RHEL.


I download this image file in redhead Linux website its 545792kb, how can I found over 4GB file?

RHEL 8.0 binary DVD is approx 7GB (6.62 GB). This size varies according to RHEL version. AS this post contains discussion about RHEL 7.x as well as 8.x, that's why it is pointed in general (more than 4GB). Please don't download RHEL from any other sourse (like other third party site or torrent); always download from "". Hope you got the point. And welcome to RedHat, you are landing to this community, so you care about security and stability a lot. Let's get started....

i have download redhat 8.0 version but when i am installation in vmware and virtual box at the time i am facing rror setting up base repository and anyone let me know what i do in case.

Hi i also had same issue with iso boot so i tried with DVD iso . it worked . thanks

Anyone landing here for this discussion. Please consider using a current edition of Red Hat Linux. As of October 2020, RHEL 7 is at version 7.9. Maybe even consider a current copy of RHEL 8. Many entries in this thread are from last year (as I type this, it is May 2019, and many entries in this specific discussion are from 2016 through 2018).

Know also when you download the RHEL 7 dvd, to acquire the Binary (not boot dvd). The Boot DVD does not have all the necessary packages and will ask you for a URL or some path, because it is only boot media. The Binary DVD (over 4GB) has the packages.

RHEL 8 is different and should be discussed in a different discussion



error with base repository, when installing Redhat 7.0


Please seriously consider using a current version of Red Hat 7. As I type this, we are at 7.9. 7.0 really should not be used since there are a ton of updates since the time version 7.0 was released. That aside, consider getting a new DVD that is 7.9 and make sure the DVD is the Binary DVD, and not just boot media. We would need more details from you to attempt to give you realistic assistance. Alternatively you can submit a ticket for loading a system with Red Hat.

Kind Regards,