JBOSS - wildfly HTTP session handling

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I would like to track how many session handles (with associated data) are being used by the Wildfly (standlone).
Also, when the sessions expire.

Can someone point me to the configurations in Wiildfly environment that one can tweak and any documentation on how WIldfly manages the HTTP sessions.



Thank you for posting your question on the Red Hat Portal. Information about Web server configuration can be found in the Configuration Guide, Chapter 17: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en/red-hat-jboss-enterprise-application-platform/7.0/configuration-guide/ However, the specific functionality that you're looking for is not implemented at this time. The session manager statistics currently display only the number of active sessions. It is recommended that you pursue your requested addition with the Wildfly Community at http://wildfly.org/index.html.