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I am trying to find out about alternatives to using NFS for shared storage for SAP HANA. I am working on building a SAP HANA scale-out cluster using GFS2 for the /hana/shared file system, but am interested in knowing if would be possible to use GFS2 for the entire /hana file system across all HANA nodes and effectively be sharing the /hana/data, /hana/logs and /hana/shared all on the same GFS2 mount. Has anyone tried this or considered this and have any insight to if this is possible or not?


This is a two year old post, so was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with using gfs2 for SAP /hana/shared directory?

SAP Note 405827 still says: Currently, only XFS, EXT3, GPFS, NFS, and OCFS2 are allowed to be used in the SAP HANA environment.

While I'd use GFS2 for /hana/shared even if it's not in the list, I'd refrain from using it for data and log. Ultimately, it depends on the storage vendor how he certified his solution for SAP HANA, see:

In my opinion this question should be answered by the vendor of the HANA database, that is, SAP itself. This is based on what you can read in the SAP Note 2002167 - section "Supported File Systems".