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Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS) Standard provides access to all Red Hat online training content in a single, annual subscription. Your subscription includes on-demand, self-paced learning resources—such as videos, e-books, hands-on labs, exams, and technical support—with access to all Red Hat products and technologies. Learn from the same high-quality content of a classroom setting with the added flexibility of 24x7 access.

Red Hat Learning Subscription courses span a variety of different Red Hat technologies, so whether you are an IT manager, system administrator, software developer, or system architect, there are learning paths to help you track your progress towards your training and certification goals.

Getting Started with the RHLS Standard portal

Learning Paths: Review the learning paths in the Learning Paths tab to see what areas interest you. Each learning path contains a progression of courses and optional exams that cover a variety of topics.

Catalog: If you are interested in going directly to an individual Red Hat online training course, go to the Catalog tab. Note that some courses are not part of a learning path.

Expert Seminars: These one-to-two hour videos are presented by thought leaders and experts in our industry as conversations about leading edge technologies and practices, based on real world use cases and scenarios.

Help: To contact support about a technical issue or to schedule time with an instructor, go to the Help tab.

Community: These public forums provide a place to ask questions or provide feedback directed to the RHLS community.



Is this post meant to be visible to those outside of RHLS?


Thanks for your question. Yes, we are aware that posts tagged RHLS will be also be visible in the general discussion queue of the Red Hat customer portal. It is not a private forum at this time. We will do our best to clarify the audience for our posts, but if anyone who is not an RHLS subscriber has a question about the subscription, they are welcome to ask it here. --Connie

This link https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/learning-subscription has the information on the Red Hat Learning Subscription for those landing in this discussion who are interested in that program.

The below paragraphs are copied/pasted from the link I put in the previous paragraph...

"What it is | Training when you need it, at your convenience"

"Red Hat® Learning Subscription offers all of our Red Hat Online Learning courses and more in a single package. This program allows you to take any of these courses at your own pace, saving you time, energy, and budget."

"1 year of access | Including all Red Hat Online Learning courses and content"

"Hands-on practice | Up to 400 hours of cloud-based lab access"

"Supplemental videos | More than 300 recorded instructor videos"

"Video classroom | High-definition training on our most popular courses"

"Your pace. Any place. | Red Hat Learning Subscription gives you unlimited access to all Red Hat Online Learning courses."

"Red Hat Online Learning courses feature the same high-quality course content found in our traditional classrooms, supplemented with cloud-based labs. Some online learning courses also include dozens of recorded webinars by senior instructors."

Red Hat Learning Subscription Datasheet PDF FORMAT https://www.redhat.com/en/files/resources/su-learning-subscription-datasheet-v3-inc0362635sw-201603.pdf

Red Hat Learning Subscription FAQ in PDF FORMAT https://www.redhat.com/en/files/resources/en-rhtr-rhls-faq-INC0269536.pdf

I have an active subscription, and the paragraph above could be enhanced. Reason i say this, take for example, "1 year of access | Including all Red Hat Online Learning courses and content". What are the available online courses, how would one find out? Of course, I can open a support ticket and see if my subscription is missing a course or not. However, I would expect to have a blog announcing which courses/features are introduced, which are on the roadmap? 400 hours? why 400 hours, i can calculate that is more than enough and good ROI, but why that specific number? Video Class rooms? how many? do not get me wrong, I like the product big time, the content, material and service are excellent and provides a good ROI, however i would love to see it more successful and love to see more feedback from Red Hat Training and interactivity.

Hi Walid,

*) Course catalog, new and updated courses We keep the product pages for Red Hat Learning Subscription up to date with the current catalog information. When we publish new courses, they are added (as part of their release and announcement) to the catalog listed on redhat.com: https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/learning-subscription

About 1/3 down the page listed above, is a toggle open for the courses included in the subscription as well as another one with the exams in the subscription (Note: that exams applies to Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard only, exams are not included in the Basic version)

This catalog listing also has a list of all Video Classroom courses as well.

We send out a monthly subscriber newsletter, in it we report all new or even some coming soon classes. Additionally we (usually me) write a few additional articles about changes or news regarding the platform. For example, this month I've written an article about some changes that are going to be coming shortly to the Red Hat Learning Subscription Basic catalog/home page. Last month, one of the articles I wrote was about this community.

Each month I send the marketing folks a copy of all active subscribers. However the system used does honor the Marketing contact preferences associated with the redhat.com account used. So if you have indicated that you do not want product news or e-mail from Red Hat in your contact preferences of your account, you will not receive a copy of this newsletter. Newsletter and Contact preferences for your Account can be found at: https://www.redhat.com/wapps/ugc/protected/prefs.html

You will want to enable "Training" messages or "Training and Certification News". But please note that you will now Training marketing e-mails, not only the RHLS Subscriber Newsletter.

*) 400 hours? Why 400 hours? The lab time limitations with the product are: * No more than 80 hours per class * No more than 400 hours total during the annual subscription period

The 80 hour number is kind of an entertaining story. My manager asked me how much lab time I thought a student would need to complete a single Online Training class. (This was back when we were first implementing online classes) Having been a Red Hat Training Instructor and Examiner for many years, I estimated that students would do about 20 hours of labs in a four or five day class. "Ok." he said to me, "But I don't want them to run out of time either. If someone performs the lab more slowly or wants to re-work the lab a copule of times, they should be able to not run out of time." So I said: "Lets double it to 40 hours then." He responds: "Alright, so at 40 hours, there's no reasonable expectation that someone could run out of lab time for a class?" Somewhat exasperated I think I quipped something like "Fine double it again to 80 hours. No one could possibly consume 80 hours of lab time for a single class!"

Of course, I have been proven wrong since then. Some students have consumed their entire 80 hour allottment of runtime. But, when I've taken a look at them, they have been just running down the clock to actually consume it all. Generally, people use about 30-40 hours of lab system run-time for a class. If you are hyper-vigilant about starting and stopping the machines, that number can get down to about 20 hours, but most students I've observed let the auto-stop timer on the machines take care of shutting them down, which means they have left the class and left the machines running (which is why we have the auto-stop timer).

But to his credit, my manager had a really good reason for asking that question and pressing me about it. The purpose of the limit is not really to limit one's consumption of the product. We want you to take the training and spend time on it and become an expert in Red Hat technologies! But, Red Hat does pay for every minute that machine (or group of machines) is running, and it's purpose is to be used as a lab system for the labs included in the Red Hat course materials, not for something else. The limit was put into place to control or somewhat help predict our back-end costs as well as provide a disincentive for students to abuse the machines or co-opt them for other purposes.

The 400 hour lab runtime limit for the entire subscription is essentially the same idea. Now we're not just giving subscribers access to a single class, but tens of classes.

I hope I've provided some additional clarity.


How do I access the RHLS Standard portal? I have an active RHLS subscription but can't find the portal anywhere.

Kane, most of the people who interact with this forum are not enrolled in RHLS. Additionally, this is generally where people who are in the Red Hat community (but not necessarily Red Hat employees) interact to figure out/provide help with technical issues.

Red Hat employees do read/respond to these posts at times as well, but that being said, (I'm working on my own experience with Red Hat online learning)... you ==should== have received some email from Red Hat Training or something as a result of the money you or your company spent to acquire your subscription. I'd personally recommend digging hard into the email address you used for any clues on how to start.

This discussion forum is likely not the best place to start to acquire help in logging in and using your RHLS portal. Please check your email vigorously, check your "spam" folders in your email in case something important landed there as well. If you have some receipt or subscription number, you can contact the Red Hat training people or probably email them at training@redhat.com.

Thanks, R, great answer! Red Hat does check this forum for questions about RHLS, so please let us know if you have any other questions.

Login for Red Hat Learning Subscription subscribers https://rol.redhat.com/rol/app/login

And to add to what R. Hinton has already suggested. Red Hat Learning Subscription is a supported product. Have you opened a support case against the "Red Hat Online Learning" product? There is a team of folks dedicated to responding to technical and content issues from Red Hat Learning Subscription (and Red Hat Online Training in general). Setting the product type on your case will ensure it gets routed to the correct folks. If it's a login related issue, they may direct you to the Red Hat Training Operations team for your region after verifying that your enrollment is incorrect or missing. Otherwise, if you're all set, they'll work on getting you accessing the product.

same question for me How do I access the RHLS Standard portal? I have an active RHLS subscription but can't find the portal anywhere.

Hi Wim, please see responses from R. Hinton and Scott McBrien to this question in a previous post.

So I see that this forum is from 2017 and it is currently 2019 and sad to say they still have not added a clickable link or even a non-clickable link to their Main website (redhat.com or even learn.redhat.com). They make it so difficult to find this forum to find the login page and their feedback page says to fill out the form on the page but there is no form. It's kind of sad to think that my company spent good money on their training subscriptions and they don't have the common sense to add a quick link to the training login page. In fact they have so many different pages that it is hard to find anything. Please, RedHat, if you are seeing this... add a link to the login portal for the training portal that Scott McBrien had posted.

Things change over time. James - click this link https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/learning-subscription (Provided by Scott McBrian Sept 2016) that I found by using Google and typing Red Hat Learning Subscription and see the posts above from Red Hatters.

The collection of links I provided on the post on 16 June 2016 8:53 PM and the initial link by Scott McBrien in September 2016 still work fine.

Regarding the link I provided in this specific reply -- Scroll down at that page, there is enough material to get an idea of what it is about. The clickable link I provided obviously won't answer every question, but if you read past that one link into other sources and contact Red Hat Training, they'll give you all the answers you need.

We can't anticipate 2 years from now what people wish to know, and things change over time.