JBoss 6.4 EAP Remote Swing Client Login Issues

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I am reading in multiple places the JBoss 6.4 does not support the use of the LoginContext and ClientLoginModule like JBoss 5 did. We have a swing application that used to store in a callback handler the username and password by calling the ClientLoginModule, then when doing a remote EJB invocation and creating the InitialContext the username and password were available. Now the username and password are not stored, nor does it appear the server is called at all when using the LoginContext and ClientLoginModule, you always either have to set the username and password in the jndi properties or in the jboss-ejb-client properties. Is there a way to replicate what the LoginContext and ClientLoginModule were doing in JBoss 5 in JBoss 6.4?


Apologies for the late response. It might be worth taking a look at the following Knowledge Base Articles [1] [2].

[1] https://access.redhat.com/solutions/232223

[2] https://access.redhat.com/solutions/144083

Where can I access the CustomServerLoginHandshakeCallbackHandler.java, ClientLoginCallbackHandler.java. I have tried to view them but they are not available