failed to start lsb bring up/down networking rhel 7

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Restarting network (via systemctl): Job for network.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status network.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.


I have the same issue on a fresh RHEL 7 install

Same here: Failed to start LSB: Bring up/down networking.

What does "systemctl status network" shows up? Check if this helps

I am seeing the same issue, but it only occurs when I add NM_CONTROLLED="no" to my ifcfg-bond1 file. If I remove it, it works fine.

That is expected behavior, since by default NetworkManager takes the lead in activating/controlling network interfaces in RHEL7.x systems. Is NetworkManager disabled over there? Is this RHEL7.x?

getting error in RHEL 7.4 : failed to start lsb bring up/down networking

Same here but checking other posts it's caused because NetworkManager starts before the interface is ready. I I've been reading it does not affect the network unit, however it messes my wireless connection don't know how or why

I just started getting this problem running as a VBox guest running 7.6. I can manually connect the interfaces, one NAT and one Vhost-only, but the network manager fails to start the interfaces. When I run systemctl status network, I get "RTNETLINK answers: File exists".

I believe this problem started when I incurred a catastrophic failure in the virtual host guest additions. All was running smoothly until I used the VBox menu to set the virtual display to move to an external monitor. That caused the guest to reboot and from then on, guest additions refuse to allow guest scaling, even after reinstalling guest additions in the RHEL guest, or the network manager to start the interfaces.

there is a similar solution at:

I had this error due to setting my ethernet interfaces to DHCP when they should be Manual ( ie Static IPs)..

how can fix this problem .

I also got this error, but I ruled out the problem after I restarted NetworkManager.

I also got this error, but I ruled out the problem after I restarted NetworkManager.

I had this issue just a moment ago and it ended up being an mistake in my ifcfg-interface file. It was set to DHCP when I needed a static interface. Must've been a mis-click when I deployed the VM.

To fix my issue, I just corrected the line in /etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-interfacename from "BOOTPROTO=DHCP" to "BOOTPROTO=none", then bounced the NetworkManager and it resolved the error.

Glad that worked for you Tony Graves

Anyone experiencing this, please give the output of journalctl -xeu NetworkManager (just a portion that is relevant) or systemctl status -l NetworkManager