RHEL 7.1 KVM guest image -- what is the default login?

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I got an eval RHEL 7.1 image (it is a qcow2) and brought it up in a VM using KVM on my host system. It seems to run fine and boots to the login prompt. However I cannot find any documentation on what the default login is. Does anyone know or how do I find out?


Anatoly thanks for the pointers. Am I to understand that there is no default login for this image and that the only procedure for using it is to hack the passwd file by mounting the file system from the hypervisor?


root password is locked and there's no other non-locked accounts with the qcow2 image, so you have to change root password, either by using guestfish as described in links above, or by usual password reset/recovery procedure (using rd.break since you don't have installation dvd/iso/media) from rhel7 documentation, it is a bit different from rhel6 single mode password reset/recovery (but init=/bin/bash still works even on rhel7).

import public key during boot up time via openstack, and then ssh -i private_key_file cloud-user@floating-ip

Oh, and see the additional comments in that discussion I mentioned above.

Sorry for the duplicate posts, it looks like Anatoly already made a pointer to the discussion I made with the info. I can't seem to edit my previous posts above... (permission denied) Thanks Anatoly