Installing RHEL 7 with 32 bit support

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I am trying to find a way to install RHEL 7 with full 32 bit support. RHEL 6 - 64 would by default. I am installing from a usb key that has all of the rpms on it both 64 and 32 bit but when I run through the installation procedure there is no choice to install both 64 and 32 bit packages. Any ideas?


There is no 32 bit version of RHEL7. Many libraries have a 32 bit version. To install i686 packages, you would need to specify that, otherwise yum presumes x86_64. When dependency handling, yum will grab i686 packages.

If you absolutely need a 32-bit version of EL7, you could give CentOS a try. As announced here, there is a beta release of CentOS Linux 7 for i686.

Thanks I will have to give that a try once it is passed beta.

It is helpfull