Working scenario of Redhat Jboss Enterprise application platform.

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Hi everyone,

I am new to Redhat Jboss EAP.
We are looking to setup Red hat JBOSS EAP to deploy Java and HTML 5 based applications.

  1. I am confused about how the client connects to Redhat Jboss EAP and also how Redhat EAP connects to the backend system.
    Can someone share some pictorial view about the workflow of this scenario so that I have a better understanding of Redhat EAP environment.
  2. Also what protocol is used to connect to the backend system??
  3. What service is used to connect to the backend system like for eg can we use Netweaver gateway to simplify backend integration ??

    Please provide some information about the the environment of Red hat EAP specifying client connection and backend system connection details.

Priyanka Pedamkar


Priyanka, the answer to this question depends on a lot more to do with your application. EAP is a server that holds the back end services. How it connects is usually over http using JAX-RS endpoints for example.

I don't know what netweaver is, but perhaps you should contact Red Hat Consulting Services for better answers to your questions and how Red Hat products can help you achieve what you want.