Performace tuning wildfly 8.1

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I am migrating from an old version of weblogic to wildfly 8.1. I have noticed the following and am not sure where the bottleneck might be inside Wildfly (if at all). Here is my scenario:

I am submitting a bunch of webservice requests to a webservice A, running on server 1

Also, server 1 has a bunch of MDBs that are getting messages from a remote Q (hornetQ) and submitting webservice requests also to webservice A

And lastly I am logging into a webapp that is hosted on server 1.

I am noticing that the login is a taking a long time when the system is under loaded up by all the webservice requests.

Logging into my app makes 5 requests to the server and the login is not complete until the final request comes back. When the system is not under load I can see these 5 requests get servered one right after the other. When the system is under load other requests get in between my 5 login requests thus increasing the time between when the 1st requests started getting serverd and the last request is done being server. This I suspect is why my login takes so long.

I am wondering what setting or settings I can change inside wildfly to make it so that this does not happen.

I have played around with the io subsystem and increased the io-threads, core-threads, and task-max-threads. I am not sure where else to look for something like this and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you