Migrate embedded oracle database to external one

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Hello everyone,
we are running Satellite 5.5 with its internal database and we would like to migrate this database to an external one. (Oracle)
I have not find detailled documentation about the process.
Do you know if this is supported or if this is "simple posible" ?

Thank you very much.



Hi Mariano,

We do not support migrating the embedded database on Satellite 5.5 or earlier.

The recommended path is to upgrade to Satellite 5.6 and follow the instructions for the Postgres DB.

Is it possible to migrate Red Hat Satellite database from embedded to external or from external to embedded? discusses the options and Red Hat Satellite 5.6: How to migrate from an Embedded to a Managed Database and vice versa ? has the procedure for migrating the database.

During the upgrade, you can migrate to an external Oracle DB and that specific procedure is documented in: Section ⁠2.3.3. External Database Requirements of the Satellite 5.6 Installation Guide.

Best regards,

Thank you very much Mark.
Yes, the upgrade to 5.6 is another option.
Next days we will discuss the posibilities.

going to check your links above... ;)
Thanks again!


The two reasons that we planned change to external database are: performance and backup.

As I see Embedded PostgreSQL allows online backups, so you do not have to stop Satellite to backup. Performance is improved with external Oracle database?

Looking to migrate to Satellite 6, are supported external database? I have not been able to find this information in the manuals. I understand that if Satellite 6 does not support external database process is reduced to:
5.5 Satellite oracle embedded -> Satellite Embedded PostgreSQL 5.6
Satellite Embedded PostgreSQL 5.6 -> Satellite 6

And one more question. Does Satellite certificate 5.5 is compatible with 5.6 or need to talk with support for updating? And subscription?


I'll respond to both questions:
You need a new cert for 5.6

 <rhn-cert-field name="satellite-version">5.6</rhn-cert-field>

For what it's worth, my "seat of the pants" performance seemed to improve markedly when we upgraded to 5.6 (which also converted to postgres embedded).

I believe the last that I heard there was no external database support for Satelllite 6 (I could very well be wrong about this though).