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So I've noticed via The Foreman .orgs wiki and a few other places including within Satellite 6 that there are references to various other *nix distributions. As a general discussion, what is the intended support level of these other distributions? Are we talking about full lifecycle support within Satellite 6 for all of the platforms? or were these simply left in because that's whats in the Open Source Project.

In particular I'm interested in how AIX ended up on the list. IBM's patching architecture is significantly different from most, if not all, of the Linux distributions.

Thanks for any info...



I am able to patch and manage Oracle Linux systems via Satellite 6.

There is not any Puppet & katello packages for OL. So you have to collect those packages from RHEL.

But I think at least you can provision the other OS(Solaris Sparc&x86) and etc via Satellite.

Hi Resul, I am interesting or any information you can provide how you managing Oracle Linux systems via Satellite 6 server please.

Hi Sasha,
You will need to install subscription-manager, katello and puppet-agent packages on OL.

As a workaround, I downloaded the latest packages from RHEL channels by using yumdownloader.
It requires to solve dependecies and approxiamtely you ll be having 20-30 packages, I do not remember that now.
After creating local repo for this packages on OL, you can install them by referring normal procedure.

After this progress you can continue with normal procedures.
You have to be carefull if you want to integrate the OL servers which is contracted with Oracle.
Regarding support contracts, your systems may be called as unsupported by vendor.

Hi, I'm interested too. So the first step is to install subscription-manager right? Download locally and then install or is there a different way? Thanks

We currently support managing Red Hat products. If you would find value in Satellite managing other platforms, please raise this through your TAM or your sales person. Thanks!

A feature request to support SUSE and Solaris like RH Satellite 5.x does has already been opened.

Do you have any idea about the status of this feature request?

Interested to know how this will work with licensing. Is there any indication if there will be an expectation that each non-RHEL host will require a Smart Management license?

I was told that Satellite might possibly support SLES in 2016 conference. Of Course, I was told that a few years ago as well... Is there any validity behind them telling me that?

My understanding in terms of support, and RH folks, please correct me if I'm wrong, is that Satellite will be support, however, patching/maintaining other systems, other repos etc. will not be. Much like we can use EPEL, but our subs don't cover those packages breaking something. You break it, you bought it, unless it's Satellite proper.

I've successfully be able to add OL repos, SLES, and Ubuntu/Deb and patch systems with Satellite. Never actually tried AIX, but that should go away, thank god for smitty! At that company, we were responsible for those distros if they broke, but we never had an issue getting the repos to work. Ubuntu was a bit tricky, but there's an app for that. This solution will only allow you to patch a system. All of the other things you get with Satellite, won't work / are sketchy or cludgey at best, and really, just a big PITA to get working for non-RHEL systems, and really add complexity to an environment, that frankly, I personally didn't want to add. Patching, yes. Lifecycle management, why?

Just my two cents.

Hello David, Please advise on the app that used which allowed you to patch Ubuntu?

How were you able to add OL repos to Sat 6?

Hello David, I'm trying to add ubuntu repos to satellite but can't find any documentation. Please can you share the link to any doc that you used to accomplish this. Thanks

Hi David, I am curious how you got Ubuntu to work with RH satellite. All I need to do is use it to patch a lot of Ubuntu servers. Thanks, Keith

Jeremy Bertozzi,

It has been over 2 years since I opened the RFE, the latest update I got was last march.

The RFE has been postponed to Satellite 6.4 or later due to lack of interest of other users. If you are interested too, please open a support case of the type Request for Extension like I did.

Regards, Jan Gerrit

@David Kalaluhi, any info on how you managed to get the debian systems patched through Satellite would be great.


Hello David,

I would also like to know how you got Ubuntu patching working.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Same here, Please advice on how Ubuntu patching got worked?

Brand newbie here. What puppet packages have to be installed on the client server (CentOS6.9) to allow it to receive patches from my Satellite 6.2 server? I see in the conversation above that puppet and katello packages have to be manually installed.

I have installed the katello packages but don't know what puppet packages to install. Currently, when I run yum update from the CentOS box, I get the error: CentOS_6_Linux_Server/repodata/repomd.xml: [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 22 - "NSS: client certificate not found (nickname not specified)"


Hi Greg, What i did was sync all the necessary Cent6 channels from public repos and created a key and associated those channels. Then:

yum remove -y 'katello'

yum clean all

rm -rf /var/cache/yum

subscription-manager clean

rm -rf /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo (or move all the *.repo files to another dir for backup purposes)

rpm -Uvh

subscription-manager register --org="MyORG" --activationkey="Centos6"

yum install -y katello-agent

So for the above I did this when I was converting my Cent6+7 systems from my foreman server for management to Satellite.

Hope this helps and gets you on the way. Granted i know setting up channels, views and promoting the view is part of the whole process which hopefully you are a little familiar with. Good Luck!

Thanks Louis!

I am not able to get results from yum install -y katello-agent

I have no repos that point toward my Satellite...

Hopefully you have this... and this is my example:

Products > CentOS7 >Repositories

All your repos


Activation Keys >Centos7_4 >Repository Sets

All your centos repos should be listed here.. toggle them up to add to the key. Don't forget content views.. all this stuff meshes together. Best of luck!

Hi Greg, I found this repo: and

Got it!! Thanks again Louis!

Work RH Satellite 6 .3 + Capsule (Contenviews) with DEB packages like in the ?

Work this out of the box? Regards, Felix

No change from the earlier post. We currently support managing Red Hat products. If you would find value in Satellite managing other platforms, please raise this through your TAM or your sales person. Thanks!

It works great with Scientific Linux (even the errata patching bits).

Pat Riehecky

Hi we have Redhat Satellite 6.6, our requirement is to register the CentOS servers to this satellite and patch them. Is there any way i can register and patch them? If so, can somebody please provide the documentation how to register and patch them.

Chapter 6 of the Satellite Content Management Guide in Satellite 6's documentation suite addresses Custom Content.

Jumping on the bandwagon here. I need to get OVM's added to Satellite to patch. I really hope someone has cut the swath on this...

Hi Laura,

If you mean Oracle Linux VMs by OVM, it is not supported by Oracle. Oracle support wants you to use their implementation of Spacewalk.

If you mean something else, please explain your meaning of the abbreviation.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

I need to setup ubuntu repositories in my redhat satellite and patch ubuntu server. Any idea how to do that. And can anyone also guide me towards the available repo mirrors for ubuntu.

Hi Ritesh,

Ubuntu repos are supposed to be provided via Landscape. Satellite is supported for Red Hat products only.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra