Satellite 6: RHEL subscription of VM hosting Satellite

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My Satellite server is on a large VMware VM. I have virt-who running on the same VM (however I still don't have it working).

My question is: Will the VM hosting the Satellite itself be able to get its OS subscription and Satellite Subscription through virt-who?

Also, should the server hosting Satellite be a Content Host of the Satellite server also? Or should it subscribe to RH servers directly through RHSM?


I believe that you Satellite Subscription includes a RHEL subscription. So, you should be able to install Satellite, and associate the satellite itself back to the installed Satellite.

Hmmm ok, so the satellite hosting system is subscribed to the satellite hosted app.

It was not really obvious since if you install satellite from subscription-manager you have to use that satellite subscription on the futur satellite server to be able to get the Satellite packages. Then remove it and assign it to the freshly created satellite entry in the subscription management application. Then download the manifest and upload it on the satellite app .... wooo .....
I'll try to subscribe it on himself.