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As you've probably noticed, we've made some theme changes to the Customer Portal in the latest release. These are mostly about the look and feel of the site, but there are a few navigational changes as well. The main ones are covered in the FAQ here.

We'd love to hear any feedback about the new site, so please let us know what you think of the changes.

Where do I find the Knowledgebase?

  • The knowledgebase is now available under Products & Services at the link Expert Advice just as it was before. Additionally the search tool is still located in top right hand corner.

Where did the support tab go?

  • The majority of items previously listed under Support have been moved to more appropriate sections which clearly define the goal of those resources. Support policies have now been moved to Products & Services, labs are now available under Tools and anything community based is now available in the Community section.

How do I open a case?

  • A case can be opened from the very top left corner of the portal at Support Cases at any time or from the Open a Support Case button on the home page.


I thought the first "introduction" walk-through was pretty cool. I'm not sure everyone sees that, but there are several "pop-up" applets that walk you around the new layout.

I like it though. The new font for topics at the top remind me of a movie, or cartoon - but I can't recall which one.. (the Brady Bunch maybe - shows my age, I guess ;-)

I have not tested the new format on a tablet yet.

Not only is the new design less compact in its information density (for viewing support cases overall and within a case), but it is terribly slow in getting to the support case overview.

Hi Markham, at launch there were some issues with speed and a few other performance tweaks we had to make. If you're still having problems with the case management system please let us know.

I am a bit disappointed by the new design. A lot of colours but missed a content. What I mean is that when it comes to look for knowledge/information it is more difficult to find it than before.

And I still miss sorting by date when I search knowledge base (or is it by default ?)

Hi Przemyslaw,

The search shows you the "Everything" view by default. If you select just Solutions or Articles from the horizontal menu to the right of the Magnifying Glass (not from the left hand, vertical menu), then the option to sort by date is available.

I'll file a request for that to be included int he default search results.

Earlier when I used to use existing (cached URL) to view updates in the case, it used to prompt for credentials, after putting credential, it used to REDIRECT to the URL with case no after successful authentication.

The URL -

case-number is actual number

Now it is just asking for login and providing front-page, but does not redirect to the desired URL.

I think this is broken and need to be fixed.

Hi Santosh,

the new format is:<case>

We have a BZ open to fix the redirects.
Best regards,

The Knowledgebase article pages does not have search options

Hi Santosh,

Could you be a little more specific please? the [magnifying|spy]glass is still at the top of the page for further searches. I'm not aware of any in page search options.

The browse articles page still has the usual sorting options available.

Many thanks,

I find the new top menu clunky. The way the page content must scroll down to accommodate sub-menu options seems less efficient that the previous overlay menus.

Also, the top options "Products & Services" , "Tools' etc. have an overlay that follows the page eating realestate, but provides little benefit as clicking any of these options scrolls you back to the top of the page.

I fear eye-candy has won out.. I come to the customer portal to consume/share information and just feel the animations/transitions get in the way.

I am also finding the site much slower (may be completely unrelated to the redesign). I am not sure if it is because of my location (Australia), but the performance when logging in and rendering community pages appears to have dropped.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along.

I just realised that the top banner is also following the page in documentation view, eg.

I find it unnecessarily eats up space from the viewing window when scrolling... am I the only crazy one?

Not only that, when you click on an internal page anchor eg. "3.5. Resource Groups" the heading is 'under' the translucent banner at the top of page.. which means the user then has to scroll up slightly to read it.


For those with the same issue, click on 'formats' and select pdf.. then you can read the document uninhibited.

Agreed, this needs to be corrected. I've opened a bug.

Thanks for this feedback! We've heard you and others voice the same opinion and are looking into atlernatives.

One problem I am running into is users with no "subscription privileges" can't seem to find their way to the old RHN Classic links. Those links show up only on the Subscriptions page as far as I can tell but users without privileges for that just get a 403 page without the Classic links. Could the Classic links be put somewhere where all users could access them? Or are they hidden away somewhere else that I haven't found yet?

Hi John, thanks for pointing this out. We'd love to discuss this page with you, and figure out the best fix possible. Would it be possible for me to reach out to you via the email associated with your Red Hat account?

Hi Kyle. Feel free to contact me by any method. Thanks.

I have a 4k monitor and under chrome when I start a new case, and then go to update it with a brief note all the text in that new update only uses 1/3rd of the chrome real estate. It leaves all the text compacted in a big font also... more evidence of the poor information density in this new portal update.

A 4k monitor is: 3840 x 2160, It would be handy to use some of that space... at least the old portal would.

One more thing: all the colours of links, light blue now, are less readable than before. IMHO there should be a bigger contrast between the link colour (light blue) and the background (white).

Hi Przemyslaw, We are currently working on this contrast change. Hopefully, it'll make it out to production soon along with a few other improvements based on feedback.

Just found another bug which is breaking functionality.

When I browse to the product downloads page (and then select a product) the top bar functionality breaks. Where it shows my login name on other pages, is no longer displayed, and nothing on the bar is 'clickable'.

Browse to the above link and then click 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux' for example. This page will now have a broken top menu.

Also, I find when browsing to the package specific pages I can no longer expand "Show source and debug packages" or "Show changelog" eg.

Top bar is also broken when going directly to this page (if you need to validate).

Browser is Fifrefox.

Thanks for the report. I haven't been able to reproduce this on the latest firefox - menu items are clickable for me. Have you tried with addons disabled?

Thanks for reporting this. This is apparently a javascript issue, and I am able reproduce this on Chrome for Mac. We've seen this intermittently on various pages but this seems to be steadily reproducible. We will work to resolve this.

This is on older Firefox on Windows (was on a customer SOE). Also unable to reproduce on Chrome/Mac. Will see if I can get anymore info to assist.


Looks like it's breaking on error here:

TypeError: jQuery(...).equalHeights is not a function
Line 1457

That may be a red herring though as the error appears on other pages that work.

I want to commend you on your choices in font colors. On my computer, a lot of the important details are in light gray on white. It must have been a sensation in your graphic design department. How transgressional! Of course I can barely read it, and it causes a lot of eye strain, but who cares about functionality when you have Impact? Why not take it to the next step - say, eggshell on beige? That's sure to win you a Skwinty, or or Smeerie, or whatever you call the awards that art department executives give each other all the time like cold sores. Pardon any typos; I can't really read the text I'm typing.

I must agree with Neil's commnet. I thought it was my ailing eye. ;) Text in light gray on white is indeed hard on our eyes.

To the people who designed the new look, please consider making the contents easier to read.

I also agree this is a poor choice for contrast. My reading rate plummets as the error rate climbs for this light grey on white text . I refer you also to my comment on poor use of screen space on a 4k monitor combined with this font color choice to make readability of the new portal extremely poor

I forgot to append a smiley face. Sorry. The intent is to tease, not troll.

The blue / black page numbers when viewing support cases are hard to see. Can you do something like bold the current page number or shade the box like you do in knowledge base search results?

The customer portal appears to have stopped sending email thread update/response notifications over the last couple of days.

I am also finding that the initial authentication step in the portal is slow (before you are forwarded back to the main portal page)

We're currently working on resolving these issues.

Thanks for posting this. The last notification I received was from Dec 3. So, I did not read this thread until today. :(

Absolutely terrible new design. I can't find anything that I'm looking for. There's tons of information available, but none of it is useful nor relevant. It's just noise in the way of what I'm trying to find -- management of my systems.

You can find a link to subscription management in the top white navigation bar:
From there you can access RHN Classic Subscription Management and learn about transitioning to RHSM.

This works if and only if you have privileges to see the organizations subscriptions for what it is worth. It would be extremely nice to have a link to classic is some obvious and universally accessible location.

Not every account can go that route, as John Rose pointed out above. Moreover, I don't want to learn about transitioning to RHSM, as I don't want to transition to RHSM. It removes every useful feature of RHN Classic (we use provisioning a lot here), and adds zero functionality in return. It was poorly thought out and poorly executed. Sadly, RH is not giving customers a choice nor a voice in the matter.


The new discussion forum listing is horrible.

  1. Doesn't list newest posts first (it's a discussion forum, not the knowledge base)
  2. Doesn't provide star rating or number of responses in the discussion list
  3. Even more screen realestate is taken by menus at the top and left of screen
  4. Less topics per page
  5. Suffers the same problem as all the other pages with sort preference being forgotten when you navigate back/forward (so every time you visit the discussion page you must re-sort the list by newest first)
  6. Sorting by 'Newest First' gives you the newest initial creation date, not the newest response (ie. a thread that is responded to will not be bumped to top of list)

I expect participation will plummet as people looking for answers won't have their post prominently displayed by default at the top of page, so it will likely go unanswered.

This thread actually refers to earlier changes, but thanks for the feedback. The current presentation of Discussions is definitely not meeting the needs of the community.