SELinux training "retired"?

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I just started looking for some training in SELinux. I find some pointers to Red Hat training and certification, but the most significant one is this:

So Red Hat has retired its SELinux certification and the associated training, apparently. Does anyone know why, and where do I go instead? It seems like there is a serious lack of SELinux training available. I Google and find basically nothing. A couple years ago there would have been hundreds of hits. What's going on? Has SELinux become so integral to Linux in general that a separate course is no longer needed? Judging from the questions in this forum I would guess not. Has SELinux fallen by the wayside and is soon to disappear? I doubt that even more.

Anyway, where and how is SELinux training available. Any suggestions greatfully accepted.


Hi William,

I have spoken with the Training Co-ordination team and the removal of EX429 is part of a wider shake up of how we offer some subjects.

Red Hat is reducing the number of titles in its professional certification program in order to make the program simpler to understand for hiring managers, human resources professionals and others who seek certified professionals along and for those who seek certification by Red Hat. Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) and Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist (RHCDS) are being phased out but we are expanding the more widely-known Red Hat Certified Architect program
and providing more ways to earn that credential.

I'm sorry that change has impacted you.

We do however have a number of videos about SELinux that cover most topics (the Multi Level Security (MLS) series is the most in depth).

Please let me know if you need more,
Best regards,

Thanks for the link to the videos. I had not seen those previously. (I guess I need to venture out to the other sections of the Portal ;-)

I thought there was a thread on this from a few months back (but I'll have to keep searching for it).

I did find this:

Also - Thomas Cameron is a Red Hat resource that is an absolute rock star when it comes to Linux and Red Hat.
His page:
SElinux discussion:

Red Hat Summit had several presentations that might have touched on SElinux that you can search on.

As for the class, I'll keep digging. To answer your question whether a course is still needed: my opinion is YES. However, I get the feeling that SElinux is not used in many environments and perhaps was not driving folks to the course. If you had a big enough group, or know of some other folks in your metro that would be interested, you might be able to convince your local Red Hat training facility to offer a course. You might even be able to get Thomas Cameron himself to give the training ;-)

I had issues getting on the course when it was running, usually through lack of course numbers.

I have a collection of links to tutorials which I kept when I found them, they are all available in the portal but the search can make them difficult to locate.
SELinux Tutorials: Episode 1 - Troubleshooting an Application for SELinux
SELinux Tutorials: Episode 2 - Understanding SELinux File Contexts
SELinux Tutorials: Episode 3 - Managing and Escalating Users in SELinux

If Red Hat aren't going to be running the course in future, would it be possible to release the course material/handbook for users of the portal?

I hadn't seen the videos either, so thanks for posting these Mark!

Dan Walsh also has several videos available, often characterised by the dog/food bowl cartoons which are a good introduction.

I would agree with Pixel's request that if the courses will not be available - would the course material/handbook be released for users of the Portal??

I found some MLS SELinux videos that Dave Egts posted here at Red Hat; I will return later with links. (We use MLS SELinux on some systems).

I like the idea. I'll see if we can do this.

+1 yes please

Hey Dave, any news on this? Thanks, Rem

Hi Rem,

I'll check for the latest on this.

I like the idea. If we are unable to give courses on it, it could help the community to understand SELinux better if the material was released.


I would also really like that.


I am confused on this. Redhat is doing on on-site training out here for this course. If it is retired and I can no longer take the exam, why are they still conducting the training sessions?
And why are all the security certificates retired yet still listed as ones to get for my RHCA?

So what is the current status on SELinux training in November of 2018?

Is there a third party that RH recommends for training?