HOW to rescan new attached luns to be discvored by RHEV-M 6.5 without rebooting

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Hello All

How can we scan new attached LUNS without rebooting RHEV-H 6.5 . as the hypervisor is closed box and we can't login into shell to do scan or other commands ?


You should be able to use /usr/bin/ on the RHEV-H. I just checked and that command is there. Click here for more information on our knowledgebase.

Hello Bryan , im not using RHEL hosts, I use RHEV Hypervisor - 6.5 - 20140725.0.el6ev which there is no shell to run this script

Hello Islam, you may enable SSH on your Hypervisor using the following procedure:

7.5.4. The Security Screen

I believe you may also login to the Hypervisor from the console (still). I do not have RHEV-H hosts since I use RHEL as a Hypervisor, but I wonder if you can press CTRL-ALT-f2 to get another terminal and login directly that way?

Technically there should be no need to manually manage storage. However, I have experienced situations where I needed to modify my storage not using the WebUI from RHEVM.

Any Updates !!! or help

Hey Islam, I believe James answered your question above. Please keep in mind that the Discussions portion of the Customer Portal does not have an SLA for responses. If you need immediate assistance, please open a case with Red Hat Support.

I am running this script but the newly attached lun is still not discovered