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19.3. Transaction References

19.3.1. JBoss Transactions Errors and Exceptions

For details about exceptions thrown by methods of the UserTransaction class, see the UserTransaction API specification at

19.3.2. Limitations on JTA Transactions

JTA transactions are not fully transaction distribution aware across multiple instances of JBoss EAP 6. In the current implementation, transaction context is passed along the remote EJB calls. However, this works only for simple scenarios where one server calls another server. If there are multiple servers connecting to the transaction distribution, the context propagation is not completely safe.
For full transaction distribution support behavior, you must use JTS transactions. You must configure the ORB in order to use JTS transactions, which includes:
  • enabling transactions in the JacORB subsystem;
  • configuring the Transaction subsystem to use JTS transactions;
  • calling EJB by using IIOP protocol.