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21.7. Configuring the EJB Asynchronous Invocation Service

21.7.1. EJB3 Asynchronous Invocation Service

The Asynchronous Invocation Service is an Enterprise JavaBeans container service that manages asynchronous invocation of session bean methods. This service maintains a configurable number of threads (a thread pool) that are allocated for asynchronous method execution.
Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 allows for any method of a session bean (stateful, stateless or singleton) to be annotated to permit asynchronous execution.

21.7.2. Configure the EJB3 Asynchronous Invocation Service Thread Pool

JBoss Administrators can configure the EJB3 Asynchronous Invocation Service in the JBoss EAP 6 Management Console to use a specific thread pool.

Procedure 21.27. Configure the EJB3 Asynchronous Invocation Service thread pool

  1. Login to the Management Console. See Section 3.3.2, “Log in to the Management Console”.
  2. Click on the Configuration tab at the top of the screen. Expand the Container menu and select EJB 3. Select the Services tab, click on Async Service.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select the EJB3 thread pool to use from the list. The thread pool must have been already created.
  5. Click Save to finish.