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15.4. Replace the Default Welcome Web Application

JBoss EAP 6 includes a Welcome application, which displays when you open the URL of the server at port 8080. You can replace this application with your own web application by following this procedure.

Procedure 15.4. Replace the Default Welcome Web Application With Your Own Web Application

  1. Disable the Welcome application.

    Use the Management CLI script EAP_HOME/bin/ to run the following command. You may need to change the profile to modify a different managed domain profile, or remove the /profile=default portion of the command for a standalone server.
  2. Configure your Web application to use the root context.

    To configure your web application to use the root context (/) as its URL address, modify its jboss-web.xml, which is located in the META-INF/ or WEB-INF/ directory. Replace its <context-root> directive with one that looks like the following.
  3. Deploy your application.

    Deploy your application to the server group or server you modified in the first step. The application is now available on http://SERVER_URL:PORT/.