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20.3. Input Methods

Changes in IBus

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 includes support for the Intelligent Input Bus (IBus) version 1.5. Support for IBus is now integrated in GNOME.
  • Input methods can be added using the gnome-control-center region command, and the gnome-control-center keyboard command can be used to set input hotkeys.
  • For non-GNOME sessions, ibus can configure both XKB layouts and input methods in the ibus-setup tool and switch them with a hotkey.
  • The default hotkey is Super+space, replacing Control+space in ibus included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. This provides a similar UI which the user can see with the Alt+Tab combination. Multiple input methods can be switched using the Alt+Tab combination.

Predictive Input Method for IBus

ibus-typing-booster is a predictive input method for the ibus platform. It predicts complete words based on partial input. Users can select the desired word from a list of suggestions and improve their typing speed and spelling. ibus-typing-booster works also with the Hunspell dictionaries and can make suggestions for a language using a Hunspell dictionary.
Note that the ibus-typing-booster package is an optional package, and therefore will not be installed as part of the input-methods group by default.
For more detailed changes in input methods, see Desktop Migration and Administration Guide.