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19.2. Installation and Deployment

Installation Guide

The Installation Guide documents relevant information regarding the installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. This book also covers advanced installation methods such as kickstart, PXE installations, and installations over VNC, as well as common post-installation tasks.

System Administrator's Guide

The System Administrator's Guide provides information about deploying, configuring, and administering Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

Storage Administration Guide

The Storage Administration Guide provides instructions on how to effectively manage storage devices and file systems on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. It is intended for use by system administrators with intermediate experience in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Global File System 2

The Global File System 2 book provides information about configuring and maintaining Red Hat GFS2 (Global File System 2) in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

Logical Volume Manager Administration

The Logical Volume Manager Administration guide describes the LVM logical volume manager and provides information on running LVM in a clustered environment.

Kernel Crash Dump Guide

The Kernel Crash Dump Guide documents how to configure, test, and use the kdump crash recovery service available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.