Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Chapter 1. Architectures

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is available as a single kit on the following architectures [1]:
  • 64-bit AMD
  • 64-bit Intel
  • IBM System z [2]
In this release, Red Hat brings together improvements for servers and systems, as well as for the overall Red Hat open source experience.

[1] Note that the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 installation is only supported on 64-bit hardware.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is able to run 32-bit operating systems, including previous versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as virtual machines.
[2] Note that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 supports IBM zEnterprise 196 hardware or later; IBM System z10 mainframe systems are no longer supported and will not boot Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.