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20.5. Language-Specific Changes


New Arabic fonts from Paktype are available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7: paktype-ajrak, paktype-basic-naskh-farsi, paktype-basic-naskh-sindhi, paktype-basic-naskh-urdu, and paktype-basic-naskh-sa.


  • The WQY Zenhei font is now the default font for Simplified Chinese.
  • The default engine for Simplified Chinese has been changed to ibus-libpinyin from ibus-pinyin that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 uses.


  • The new Lohit Devanagari font replaces the previous separate Lohit fonts for Hindi, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Marathi, and Nepali. Any distinct glyphs for these languages needed in the future can be handled in Lohit Devanagari with the Open Type Font locl tags.
  • New font packages gubbi-fonts and navilu-fonts have been added for Kannada language.


  • IPA fonts are no longer installed by default
  • ibus-kkc, the Kana Kanji Conversion, is the new default Japanese input method engine using the new libkkc back end. It replaces ibus-anthy, anthy, and kasumi.


The Nanum font is used by default now.

New Locales

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 supports new locales, Konkani (kok_IN) and Pushto (ps_AF).