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Chapter 33. Desktop

spice component, BZ#1030024
Video playback on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 guest with GNOME Shell is sometimes not detected as a video stream by spice-server. The video stream is therefore not compressed in such a case.
kde component
A companion GUI to unixODBC based on KDE is no longer maintained by upstream. There is an independent project, unixODBC-GUI-Qt, however, no stable release is available at the moment. Therefore, no supported GUI for unixODBC is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
mutter component, BZ#861507
Support for quad-buffered OpenGL stereo visual effects in compositing window managers, such as Mutter, is missing in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. NVIDIA drivers currently do not support stereo visual effects when a compositing window manager is running.
xorg-x11-drv-nouveau component, BZ#915857
Under some circumstances, reconnecting a monitor from one GPU port to another while the system is running can render the X server completely unresponsive to mouse and keyboard inputs. Sometimes, the monitor does not turn on in the described scenario.
gobject-introspection component, BZ#1076414
The gobject-introspection library is not available in a 32-bit multilib package. Users who wish to compile 32-bit applications that rely on GObject introspection or libraries that use it, such as GTK+ or GLib, should use the mock package to set up a build environment for their applications.