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Red Hat is pleased to announce the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, the next generation of Red Hat's comprehensive suite of operating systems, designed for mission-critical enterprise computing and certified by top enterprise software and hardware vendors.
In this release, Red Hat brings together improvements across the server, systems, and the overall Red Hat open source experience. Among others, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 introduces:
  • XFS as the default file system;
  • a new boot loader and a fully redesigned graphical installer;
  • the systemd system and service manager;
  • the kernel patching utility, kpatch, Technology Preview, which allows users to patch the kernel without rebooting;
  • the Docker environment that allows users to deploy any application as a lightweight and portable container;
  • the Hardware Event Report Mechanism (HERM) that refactors the Error Detection and Correction (EDAC) mechanism of dual in-line memory module (DIMM) error reporting;
  • the OpenLMI project providing a common infrastructure for the management of Linux systems.
For detailed information about new features, see the respective categories in Part I, “New Features”. Known problems are listed in Part III, “Known Issues”.
If you are upgrading from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, consult the Migration Planning Guide for assistance with the migration process.
Capabilities and limits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 as compared to the previous versions of the system are available in the following Knowledge Base article: