Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Top Support Policies

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The following pages supplement the Red Hat Enterprise Linux life cycle page, which may not have full details in regard to support policies, or frequently asked questions. This list only aggregates the most viewed or requested articles and may not represent all support policies listed in the Red Hat Knowledgebase.

Information on Major Releases

Information on Minor Releases

Certification and Compatibility

Red Hat Network and Subscription Management


Extended Update Support (EUS) Add-On

Extended Life Cycle Support (ELS) Add-On

High Availability / Resilient Storage Add-On

High Performance Network (HPN) Add-On


Identity Management


Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL) and Red Hat Developer Toolset (DTS)

Optional and Supplementary Channels

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extras

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Container and Orchestration Support

Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Roles