What is the support status of Network Information Service (NIS)

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8


Should NIS continue to be supported, or is a discontinuation to be expected?


As seen from the RHEL8.3 release notes the yp rpms (ypserv, ypbind, yp-tools) have been marked as deprecated. Furthermore those components will no longer be available in RHEL-9.

There is no direct alternative with fully compatible features, because the Network Information Service (NIS) technology is based an outdated design patterns no longer considered secure. The alternatives are LDAP and for some use cases Kerberos. Migrating to IPA is a solution as seen here

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This is a break in the chain of backward compatibility that Redhat OS had a good reputation. We intended to use Redhat 9 and this will divert us from doing so. The yp services can be installed but authentication using nis is not manageable on Redhat 9.