How are container orchestration tools supported with Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux continues to be the enterprise distribution that is trusted across physical, virtual, and container deployments. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host provide a stable, secure, and performance enhanced experience that our user base relies on for container deployments, irrespective of the container orchestration tools a customer may elect to use.  Currently, two orchestration technologies are available in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Extras repository, both of which have limited support with a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription. This article covers the explicit support statements and covered use cases for container orchestration included with a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription.

Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform

OpenShift Container Platform is Red Hat’s fully supported distribution of Kubernetes. The platform is built on top of RHEL, OCI technologies including docker, kubernetes, and more to provide a complete end-to-end, supported platform for containerized workloads. This is our recommended path for running containerized workloads in a production capacity.

Support in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Support for container orchestration as part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes support for the packaging, installation, and limited configuration of the container orchestration that is built, tested, and distributed by Red Hat. Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes full support for the container runtime, along with the ability to build, test and deploy multi-container applications using the following guidelines.

Kubernetes in Red Hat Enterprise Linux "Extras" Channel

As a major upstream contributor to the Kubernetes project, Red Hat’s goal with including Kubernetes is to offer a stable, current release that provides a supported API to build, test, & deploy multi-container applications on a RHEL system. Due to the flexibility of deployment options that are possible with this technology, only the configuration outlined here will be supported with a RHEL subscription.  In summary, this covers a single master/node deployment on a single system. Larger, multi-system environments will require moving to OpenShift Container Platform for support.

Feature Matrix

Kubernetes Component Supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Supported in OpenShift Container Platform
TLS transport encryption yes yes
Single-node Configurations yes yes
Multi-node Configurations no yes
Multi-master Configurations no yes
etcd yes yes

Embedded swarm in docker & docker-latest

The docker engine, as of version 1.12, embeds swarm as part of the docker package. Swarm is an extension of the docker API that provides basic orchestration. Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides support for swarm within the context of activating/deactivating swarm functionality on a single node, as well as “start”, “stop”, “remove”, and “scale” service actions for single node operation.


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