3.2. Search Syntax and Examples

The syntax of the search queries for Red Hat Virtualization resources is as follows:

result type: {criteria} [sortby sort_spec]

Syntax Examples

The following examples describe how the search query is used and help you to understand how Red Hat Virtualization assists with building search queries.

Table 3.1. Example Search Queries


Hosts: Vms.status = up page 2

Displays page 2 of a list of all hosts running virtual machines that are up.

Vms: domain = qa.company.com

Displays a list of all virtual machines running on the specified domain.

Vms: users.name = Mary

Displays a list of all virtual machines belonging to users with the user name Mary.

Events: severity > normal sortby time

Displays the list of all Events whose severity is higher than Normal, sorted by time.