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10.3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts

You can use a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 installation on capable hardware as a host. Red Hat Virtualization supports hosts running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server AMD64/Intel 64 version with Intel VT or AMD-V extensions. To use your Red Hat Enterprise Linux machine as a host, you must also attach the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server and Red Hat Virtualization subscriptions.

Adding a host can take some time, as the following steps are completed by the platform: virtualization checks, installation of packages, and the creation of a bridge. Use the details view to monitor the process as the host and management system establish a connection.

Optionally, you can install a Cockpit web interface for monitoring the host’s resources and performing administrative tasks. The Cockpit web interface provides a graphical user interface for tasks that are performed before the host is added to the Red Hat Virtualization Manager, such as configuring networking and deploying a self-hosted engine, and can also be used to run terminal commands via the Terminal sub-tab.


Third-party watchdogs should not be installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts, as they can interfere with the watchdog daemon provided by VDSM.