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3.3. Search Auto-Completion

The Administration Portal provides auto-completion to help you create valid and powerful search queries. As you type each part of a search query, a drop-down list of choices for the next part of the search opens below the Search Bar. You can either select from the list and then continue typing/selecting the next part of the search, or ignore the options and continue entering your query manually.

The following table specifies by example how the Administration Portal auto-completion assists in constructing a query:

Hosts: Vms.status = down

Table 3.2. Example Search Queries Using Auto-Completion

InputList Items DisplayedAction


Hosts (1 option only)

Select Hosts or type Hosts


All host properties

Type v

Hosts: v

host properties starting with a v

Select Vms or type Vms

Hosts: Vms

All virtual machine properties

Type s

Hosts: Vms.s

All virtual machine properties beginning with s

Select status or type status

Hosts: Vms.status



Select or type =

Hosts: Vms.status =

All status values

Select or type down