How do I open and manage a support case on the Customer Portal?

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  • How do I open and manage a support case on the Red Hat Customer Portal?


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Support Cases

There are three ways to navigate to the Open Support Case screen.

  1. Click on Support Cases located on white bar located at the top of the page then click Open a New Support Case
  2. Click on Open a Support Case located on the Red Hat Customer Portal
  3. Click on Get Support in the Products & Services drop down menu. It will navigate you to Red Hat Customer Experience & Engagement - Red Hat Customer Portal. Then, click on Open Support Case.

Creating a New Case
  1. Login with your Red Hat Login when prompted (for help with your Red Hat Login, see: The importance of the Red Hat (RHN) login)
  2. Select the product you are filing the case about.
  3. Then, select the appropriate version from the list.
  4. Choose a descriptive sentence for the Case Name field to identify the primary question or problem you are trying to address.
  5. Use the Case Description field to enter as much information as possible about the problem in order to enable Red Hat support engineers to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.
  6. It's advised to attach logs or other diagnostic files to help support engineers resolve your issues quickly. You can do so by clicking on the Attach Files button located under case description.
  7. Choose a Support Level. See Production Support Service Level Agreement - Red Hat Customer Portal for more information.
  8. Choose an appropriate severity for the issue. See Red Hat Support Severity Level Definitions - Red Hat Customer Portal for more information.
  9. You may specify users to receive e-mail notifications about this support case (optional).
  10. Choose a Case Group to file your case into (optional).
  11. Click Submit on the bottom left. Please note, all required fields must be completed before you can hit submit. If the submit button is disabled, check that all required fields are complete.
  12. Once you have submitted the form, your case is filed and you are presented with the Case Details page.

Case Groups

Case groups allow you to better sort and manage your cases by assigning them to groups. To create a new case group, click Manage Case Groups located under the groups drop down menu. Click Create New Case Group and enter a name for your new case group then click Save.

Case Details

From the case details page, you can:

  • View information about your case
  • Read and add comments
  • Edit the case details
  • Attach files
  • View possible solutions and pinned solutions
Attaching and Deleting Files
  • Need to upload a file to the support team.
  • Need to attach a file to a Red Hat support case.
  • Need to delete a file previously submitted to a Red Hat support case.
Attaching or Uploading Files
  1. If not already logged into the Red Hat Customer Portal, and at the desired support case:
    • Use a web browser to visit Red Hat Customer Portal; Support Cases
    • If presented with a login prompt; enter username and password
    • Click on the Case ID of your support case you want to attach a file to
  2. Scroll down to the set of tabs listing "[Case Discussion] [All Attachments] [Bugzilla Tickets] [Action Plan]" and select 'Case Discussion' tab.
    • Note that [All Attachments] tab will not be displayed if there are no attachments currently present.
  3. Click the Attach File button
  4. Navigate to the file you wish to attach within the OS popup dialog box and click Open.
    • If the file is too big (>250GB), then the following error message will be displayed:
      • "filename cannot be attached because it is larger than 250 GB. Please FTP large files to"
      • For files larger than 250GB, see "How to provide files to Red Hat Support (vmcore, rhev logcollector, sosreports, heap dumps, log files, etc.)"" and use either
      • If the file is uploaded to Secure FTP without proper _ format, or with the wrong case number prefixed, please ensure to add a comment to the support case with the name of the file pushed via Secure FTP so that your support engineer can search for it by name and is notified that the file is available. Files with the correct _ format will get auto-attached to the case with a case comment added automatically.
    • You may add a description to that file replacing the placeholder text "Please Add File Description"
    • Click Post to upload the file.
      • A confirmation of the form "Successfully uploaded attachment filename to case case-number" will be displayed to show uploading completed successfully.

You can view this list of attached files within the context of the discussion or navigate to the All Attachments tab to view a list of all the attachments.

Deleting Files

Any uploaded file can also be deleted from the case using the customer portal. Just find the file (hint: search for "Attached file" or the specific filename), and click the 'Delete' in the lower right hand corner. This will delete the file information from the case along with the physical copy of the file from storage. Once deleted, the file can no longer be accessed by anyone.

Case Discussion

You can view and add comments in the Case Discussion section. To add a comment, enter it in the text field and click Post. You can also request a management escalation for your case by clicking the Request Management Escalation button located on the right.


How do I add case mails of different people?

You can add additional email contacts to Support Cases but, currently, you have to be an Org Admin to see everyone. Otherwise, folks that want to follow a support case can open the case and add themselves to the email notifications field.

I was directed to this article by Red Hat chat support, when I asked the same question Sakir has asked: how do I add addition email addresses so that they show up as an option in the "Send Email Notifications to" box? This article does not explain that.

can we get some content here please?

Hey Tim, at this time, it is only possible to add additional email addresses to a support case if that person already has a Red Hat username under your account. There is a Request for Feature Enhancement filed with engineering to add the ability to add arbitrary email addresses to a support case in a future update to our Customer Portal. If you would also like to request this feature, please open a case with Red Hat Support.


Thanks for following up and including the link for how to do it for existing accounts. I agree that the requested feature would be nice and I'm glad someone else has filed the RFE, but for now my site can get by with just the information you've provided.



After the creation of a ticket it is possible to edit the ticket and specify a tickettype with the options:

  • Bug
  • Feature
  • Info
  • Other
  • Question
  • Service Requests

Do the customer or the support set the ticket category? Are there any additional information available for the different types? Or is this purely optional?

Is there a way to request re-opening a support case, or must a new one be created?

Hey Mike, it is possible to reopen any support case by simply adding a new comment to the case. Go to the Support Cases tab on the Customer Portal, select "Closed" in the case filters, then find the case you want to reopen. If it's been a long time since the case was open or if the version of the software has changed, it may be useful to open a new one and just reference the old case number.

Can we transfer support cases from one support account to another within same RedHat account number.

Yes, in the case, you can make a request to change the Primary Case Contact to someone else on your team.

I get "Invalid permissions to create case" even though I have an account on the portal and a licensed product

there is no attach file button under discussion once a case is open

I believe when opening a new case there is a disclaimer about how RedHat will protect/use data within log files and information uploaded to a case. Is there somewhere I can review that disclaimer without opening a dummy ticket?

I think what you're looking for is under the Trust Red Hat link at the bottom of any Customer Portal page.

Thoroughly disappointed with getting support on a licensing issue. I think I've had better support from Comcast. This should be the newer and current version Portal case management.